WFX Cloud EDI Software Solution is Apparel EDI compatible and are equipped to transmit as well as receive any EDI documents.


WFX Cloud EDI Software Solution is highly efficient and is capable of enhancing User Productivity and Performance by eliminating duplicate entry. EDI master files contain the necessary data for the successful transmission and retrieval of electronic data. Data contained in the WFX Cloud EDI Master files play an integral part in the EDI process. Through a flexible XML interface, WFX Apparel EDI software solutions can send and receive any buyer specific EDI data.

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Advantages of Apparel EDI

  • Saving Data Entry
  • Reduce Manual Processes
  • Manipulate Data Easily
  • Improved Order Accuracy
  • Better Operational Efficiency
  • Faster Communication of Critical Info
  • Shorter Order Processing Time
  • Lower Transaction Costs
  • Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Greater Visibility to Supply Chain

WFX Cloud EDI Software for Buyers

Send/Receive POs, order confirmations as well as ASN and related shipping documentation and receive invoices.

WFX Cloud EDI Software for Suppliers

Receive Apparel EDI data from any buyer! We map all EDI formats through easy XML interface. Send ASN's and create export and shipping documentation automatically as well as send invoices!