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Finally, an intelligent solution which manages your product from conceptualization to delivery!

WFX Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers a complete design and data management solution from concept to delivery.

WFX Cloud PLM (Product Lifecycle Management software) provides a platform of centralized product information and database-driven search including techpacks, collection planning, sampling and approvals, costing, production, supplier collaboration, and time and action tracking.

Features & Functionality

  • Catalog Management -Create online catalogs through Product Lifecycle Management Software with a complete specifications bank, where all style information, size, technical and packaging details are stored with buyer and supplier approvals. The latest revision is always accessible to all.
  • Collection Planning - Get specific information on products likes individual style details
  • Design Collaboration - Shorten product development cycles by enabling employees from different offices to share relevant style and product information, sample requests along with Time & Action approvals.
  • Updated Information - Update colors, prices and other style information at any time through WFX Cloud PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Software.
  • Style Info at a Click - Get information on a particular style like its history, approvals and all past orders with order transaction history which is all just a click away.
  • Supplier Connectivity - Use WFX smart e-mail to send on-line specs, costings, RQFs and Sample Requests, Purchase Orders and manage responses.
  • Collaborative Time & Action Calendars - Monitor and track all sourcing activities and any task across any order during the full product lifecycle and view exception reporting for accurate and timely decision-making.
  • Integration of Apparel PLM - Integrate WFX Cloud PLM into Internal ERP and SCM systems or with any WFX products such as WFX Cloud PDM, WFX Cloud EDI and WFX Cloud ERP.

Fashion PLM

Reduce Product Development Cost and Lead Time. Bring Visibility, Accountability and Collaboration in your Business with WFX Cloud PLM

WFX Releases Widgets for Enhanced Analytics

WFX has released a basket of new Widgets to further enhance Analytics capabilities of WFX Cloud PLM. These pre-configured Widgets deliver key insights and visibility into Business Critical functions and processes in the Fashion space.

Key Highlights

  • Sample Approval % per Vendor
  • Vendor Performance & KPI
  • Sample Approval Hit Rate
  • Collection Development Analysis
  • Visual Graphs to highlight the bottlenecks
  • Department wise Performance
  • Sample to Order conversion
  • Product Margin Analysis
  • Product Life-Cycle Stage Analysis
  • Design Adoption % by Season/Designer