Meet WFX at FTW 2023: Pioneering the Fusion of Fashion and Tech

India is set to host the first-ever Fashion Tech Week (FTW) on October 4-5, 2023, in Bengaluru, creating a platform that converges fashion and technology.

Fashion Tech Week

The event promises to bring together over 75 speakers, 40 exhibitors, and 2,000 industry leaders who will showcase their innovative solutions and wearable tech productsβ€”all with a mission to exchange ideas and bolster technological advancements in the fashion industry.Β Β 

WFX at FTW 2023: WFX’s Commitment to Fashion and TechΒ 

We at WFX – World Fashion Exchange are thrilled to announce our participation in the inaugural edition of FTW 2023. As a global leader in developing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for fashion businesses, we’re not just attendingβ€”we’re igniting conversations, sharing insights, and shaping the future of the industry we hold close to our hearts!Β Β 

Fashion Tech Week 2023 is set to be a rendezvous point for visionaries, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts who recognize the transformative power of combining fashion and technology. As a sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker at FTW 2023, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this convergence.Β Β 

Our CEO, Jatin Paul, embodies the spirit of innovation and transformation that Fashion Tech Week 2023 represents. He’s excited to share his insights on the powerful relationship between fashion and technology by speaking at β€œCTOs Talk: How Technology will Reshape Fashion’s Future,” a tech panel discussing how CTOs in retail and manufacturing are integrating tech-enabled processes to optimize different business models.Β Β 

Paul states, β€œWe believe that the intersection of fashion and technology is not just about innovation; it’s about redefining the way fashion businesses operate and create value. FTW 2023 is the perfect platform for us to share our insights, learn from other industry pioneers, and collectively envision the future of fashion.”  

Join Paul and other esteemed CTOs on October 5 at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru as we dive into discussions that peel back the layers of how technology is reshaping the fashion supply chain. Engage with us in dynamic discussions, absorb insights from engaging presentations, and ask your burning questions during the interactive Q&A session.Β 

Beyond the Talks: WFX at the Exhibition ArenaΒ 

With over two decades of experience, we’ve been dedicated to driving the evolution of the fashion industry through technology. Our presence at FTW is a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering fashion businesses with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.Β Β 

We invite you to explore the possibilities that our cloud-based solutions offer at the exhibition area. Witness firsthand how our Fashion PLM, Apparel ERP, Smart Factory (MES) and Virtual Showroom software has been the driving force behind textile and garment companies’ success stories worldwide. From streamlining processes to boosting efficiency, our solutions are designed to elevate businesses in a rapidly evolving market.Β Β 

The countdown has begun! Mark your calendars for October 4th and 5th and join us at Fashion Tech Week 2023 in Bengaluru. We’re ready to share, learn, and collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry to create a future that’s as innovative as it is stylish.Β Β 

Book a meeting in advance to meet WFX at Fashion Tech Week in Bengaluru!Β Β 


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Team WFX

Team WFX

WFX - World Fashion Exchange is a global fashion-tech leader providing cloud-based software solutions for the fashion industry.

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