WFX at MAGIC: Discover Our Digital Transformation Solutions for Fashion Brands

Are you ready to kickstart your fashion brand’s journey into the digital era? Look no further than WFX, your trusted partner for digital transformation solutions tailored for fashion and consumer product businesses.Β 

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We’re excited to announce our presence at this year’s SOURCING at MAGIC in Las Vegas where we are showcasing our modern cloud-based Fashion PLM software, Virtual Showroom solution and more! Come and meet our team at Booth 60522 from 7th to 9th August during Sourcing at MAGIC Las Vegas.Β Β 

MAGIC is a leading fashion trade show that brings together industry professionals, brands, and retailers from around the world. Showcasing the latest in fashion, trends, and technology, MAGIC provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and business growth in the fashion industry.Β Β 

Join us at this premier event to discover how WFX’s digital transformation solutions can propel your business to new heights! Here are a few more reasons for you to meet us:Β Β 

Experience the Power of WFX PLMΒ 

The WFX Cloud PLM is the cornerstone of our suite of innovative products that empower fashion and CPG brands to streamline their product development processes and optimize collaboration across internal and external teams.Β Β 

Our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software provides a centralized platform for seamless communication, product data management, efficient workflow management, real-time vendor collaboration and total visibility throughout the entire product lifecycle.Β Β 

From design ideation to production to costing and beyond, our solution offers an integrated approach to accelerate time-to-market, minimize errors, and drive profitability.Β 

Embrace End-to-End Digital TransformationΒ 

In an increasingly technology-driven world, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing digital transformation. WFX’s PLM equips fashion and lifestyle businesses with the tools necessary to innovate, create, and adapt swiftly to market demands. By integrating design, sourcing, costing, and production management functionalities, our PLM solution enables brands to digitally transform their operations, enhance collaboration, reduce costs, and unleash unparalleled creativity.Β Β 

In addition to PLM, WFX offers several integrated solutions such as for fashion brands:Β 

  • Virtual Showroom: a platform that allows customers to experience products in a digital setting, enhancing the buying experience.Β Β 
  • WFX Click app: a mobile app that enables convenient capturing of inspirational imagery on the go.Β 
  • WFX Insights app: a tool for CXOs to monitor important KPIs, receive alerts for critical milestones, and make data-driven decisions.Β 

Unlock Big Benefits for Fashion & Consumer Product DevelopmentΒ 

Fashion and consumer brands can leverage WFX’s Cloud PLM to experience a multitude of benefits:Β 

  • Faster time-to-market: With streamlined workflows and efficient communication, WFX’s PLM accelerates product development cycles, ensuring timely delivery to market.Β 
  • Increased collaboration: Our PLM solution breaks down communication barriers and fosters collaboration between different teams, boosting productivity and creativity.Β 
  • Better profit margins: Gain valuable insights into product costs, enabling better decision-making and improved profitability.Β 
  • Improved efficiency: Centralize data, reduce duplicate work, and automate manual processes, freeing up valuable time for your teams to focus on innovation.Β 
  • Minimized air shipping and discounts: WFX’s PLM software empowers you with comprehensive quality control tools, reducing defects and ensuring on-time delivery, always.Β 



Join us at SOURCING at MAGIC in Las Vegas to witness the future of fashion firsthand. You can find the WFX team at booth number 60522 from 7 to 9 August. Take this opportunity to meet our experts, explore the PLM and other solutions, and learn how WFX can drive your company’s digital transformation.Β 

Book a meeting with the WFX team in advance to secure your slot during SOURCING at MAGIC in Las Vegas. Together, let’s create a new era of digital excellence in the fashion industry!Β Β 


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