ASW 2023: How WFX is changing the game for fashion businesses

The global fashion industry has been undergoing a transformative revolution for quite some time.

Fashion Businesses

Businesses are embracing digital and innovative technologies to optimize processes and remain competitive in the global market.Β Β 

As a leading cloud-based solutions provider for this industry, WFX has seen this landscape shift from the front lines. Our mission is to transform fashion, apparel, textile, home furnishing and consumer businesses, one digital transformation at a time. That’s why our innovative software suite is tailored to foster growth, profitability, and sustainability as well as enhance business efficiency and reduce costs.Β Β 

Experience our cutting-edge solutions firsthand at the upcoming Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) scheduled for July 20 – 21 in Bengaluru. Book a meeting in advance to get your personalized demo!Β Β 

We offer a comprehensive digital transformation suite, including a wide range of solutions that can function as standalone applications or be combined to form a seamless end-to-end system. Our ISO-certified product portfolio includes:Β 

1. WFX Fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)Β 

The Fashion PLM is an all-in-one solution that delivers complete control over the product lifecycle, from initial design to final production. By automating and streamlining processes, this tool enables fashion businesses to shorten lead times, minimize errors, and reduce costs.Β 

2. WFX Apparel & Textile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)Β 

The Apparel ERP and new Textile ERP provide fashion and textile businesses with a robust system that manages all aspects of their operations, from production planning and inventory management to shipping and financials. These comprehensive solutions have helped companies improve their overall efficiency and stay ahead of their competitors.Β 

3. WFX Smart Factory (MES)Β 

The Smart Factory (MES) solution offers a complete manufacturing execution system that enables businesses to optimize their factories’ performance, increase productivity, and reduce production costs. This tool ensures on-time delivery and consistent quality by providing real-time production visibility and control.Β Β 

4. WFX Virtual Showroom (B2B Sales Platform)Β 

With the Virtual Showroom, fashion companies can reach their clients and showcase their products in an interactive, immersive environment. This B2B sales platform offers a fully customizable virtual space that allows businesses to present their collections, engage with buyers, and close deals without geographic limitations.Β Β 

5. WFX Cut Plan (Fabric Optimization Tool)Β 

The Cut Plan tool provides fabric optimization solutions for cutting rooms and helps businesses reduce fabric wastage and improve cutting efficiency. With this tool, fashion companies can achieve significant cost savings and sustainability benefits.Β Β 

6. WFX Sustainability (Compliance Tracking Solution)Β 

WFX’s Sustainability solution is designed to help businesses comply with global regulations and maintain an ethical supply chain. With this compliance tracking tool, fashion companies can easily monitor and manage their sustainability initiatives across the entire value chain.Β Β 

Our solutions have resonated with many, earning us a remarkable clientele list of 600+ businesses from 50+ countries. To quote Vinay Advani, IT Head at Texport Industries, β€œImplementing WFX was easier than we had assumed. Their implementation team was extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and approachable. Despite the insane scale and complexity at Texport, we had a smooth transition to WFX.” 

This comprehensive suite of tools united under the WFX umbrella is driving digital transformation and pushing fashion businesses towards a more sustainable and efficient future.Β Β 

Meet us in Bengaluru at the Apparel Sourcing Week from July 20 – 21. Reserve your spot now!Β Β 

Step into the future with WFX – your partner for a digitally transformed, efficient, and sustainable fashion business.Β Β 


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Team WFX

WFX - World Fashion Exchange is a global fashion-tech leader providing cloud-based software solutions for the fashion industry.

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