How Benetton India enhanced supply chain visibility with WFX

Challenges they faced

The prior system lacked a reliable tracking system for monitoring factory/supplier production and receiving correct shipment data. As a merchandiser, poor visibility in this region resulted in higher communication, operating costs, and delays. To acquire progress updates on orders, the team had to contact each plant by phone and email.

Due to a lack of visibility into cargo delivery dates from Benetton India's 100+ vendors, its warehouse had difficulty planning resources.

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Benetton India was able to save capital and was able to reduce errors and rework by streamlining their inter and intra organisation communication.
  • The error factor of supply chain data decreased by 90%, and data on vendor performance was now available, allowing for the development of action plans for underperforming vendors.
  • Product lead times have decreased overall by 35%. For this to happen in the right way everything had to be streamlined, that was the main challenge.

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  • 90%

    Reduction in Error Quotient

  • 100%

    All Processes Streamlined

  • 35%

    Reduction in Lead time

About the Company

United Colors of Benetton India is a global clothing company known for its vibrant colours, knitwear expertise, and social responsibility. It is present in over 120 cities with more than 600 retail stores.

UCB's collections are a mix of Italian style and global research, on-trend, high-quality clothing while also respecting the environment and aiming to create a better future for all humanity.

Download the detailed document of this story