How Consuela Quadrupled Production in 4 Years with WFX

Challenges they faced

In its journey of growth, Consuela faced a spectrum of operational challenges. With their expansion, particularly into Mexico, the company struggled with efficiently tracking an ever-increasing volume of samples and styles, a task made cumbersome by their reliance on basic tools like Dropbox and Excel.

This limitation in tracking capabilities was coupled with communication barriers, which emerged as the team expanded internationally, creating hurdles in effective coordination and collaboration. .

Adding to these challenges was the complexity of material management; handling a variety of materials for their diverse product range proved intricate and prone to errors. The brand's processes, primarily manual and fragmented, were increasingly strained under the rapid pace of its growth, highlighting a critical need for scalable solutions.

Furthermore, the absence of a centralized system led to scattered and disorganized information, causing inefficiencies across departments.

Rachel Kiester

Before WFX, a lot of production information was just in my head. Now with WFX, everything is accessible and organized. Our production team easily finds what they need, and our factories get their information directly, without constant back-and-forth emails. It's made life easier for everyone involved.

Rachel Kiester, Director of Product Development, Consuela

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Streamlined Communication: Email clutter was reduced, leading to more efficient internal coordination.
  • Efficient Material Management: Enhanced management of diverse materials used in products thanks to visual tracking features.
  • Time Savings: A considerable reduction in time spent on tracking, organizing, and communicating about products.
  • Improved Sample Management: The ability to handle more samples per season, growing from managing 50-60 to about 200.
  • Increased Productivity: A centralized system allowed easy access to information, enhancing productivity across departments.
  • Streamlined Approval Processes: The Approvals tab in tech packs enabled efficient review and feedback, simplifying communication with factories.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Organized data facilitated more informed decisions in product development and management.

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  • 40%

    Increased Transparency

  • 40%

    Faster Product Development

  • 60%

    Achieved Centralized Database Architecture

About the Company

Founded in 2006 by Conni Reed during a holiday in Mexico, Consuela is an Austin-based handbag brand. Known for its distinct design philosophy and commitment to uplifting women, Consuela specializes in vibrant handbags and extends its range to fashion and lifestyle products. The brand distributes across over 2,000 retail locations in the United States, including its own stores, and is celebrated for its motto “making today ridiculously awesome,” which is echoed in its joyful and bold designs. The brand's collaboration with artists and makers worldwide brings a unique global artistic influence to its products.

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