Crossline scales globally with WFX

Challenges they faced

The company was handling its day to day operations manually hence, the two phrases that effectively defined the supply chain features of Crossline were: complex and time-constrained.

Due to the lack of data integration, teams from different departments ended up duplicating information in the system for their daily jobs. Standard Operating Procedures were rarely followed due to unconnected data and a persistent time stress.

Also, because of the poor visibility across the channels of the company and the lack of a single source of truth across, teams led to supply chain errors and, in some circumstances, excessive payments to vendors.


Previously, each business unit had its own methodology, making it difficult to reconcile data in the back office. WFX has provided everyone with a common language and structure that is versatile enough to suit all of our buyer needs, and our back-office operations are running more smoothly than ever.

Martin Buffet Key Account Manager, Crossline

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Crossline discovered its one-stop-shop for managing its fashion supply chain, which includes everything from items to sample development, procurement, quality, inventory, and financing.
  • Each business lead is now able to visibly manage client delivery timelines and alert suppliers proactively using the Time-and-Action dashboard. Profitability and cash flows are getting forecasted easily by region, vendor, customer, department, and so on.
  • Crossline's information management efficiency is increasing by a whopping 30% and the lead time is reducing by 25%.

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  • Huge

    Increase in transparency

  • 30%

    Increase in efficiency

  • 25%

    Reduction in Lead Time

About the Company

Crossline is a sixteen-year-old clothing manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, China, and Pakistan, as well as with commercial offices in France, Germany, and Spain.

Some of the fashion companies among its 40+ customers across Europe include Promod, Okcadi, Camaieu, Tape a l'ceil (TAO), Happychic, Sfera, and Zara (lnditex). It sends out 20 million garments per year in 3,000 different styles.

Crossline provides a wide range of services to its customers, ranging from managing factory relationships to offering inputs to the garment manufacturing process to add value in quality, design, and raw material procurement.

Download the detailed document of this story