UK’s DCK Group Shortens Product Lifecyle with WFX PLM

Challenges they faced

DCK faced several challenges with their previous system because the system they were using was “over 25 years old, manual, unattractive and had limited options.”

The internal system was developed over time and had disjointed functionalities, which made it difficult to manage product development efficiently. Moreover, the system did not link with their suppliers, leading to communication problems and forcing the buying and merchandising teams to either constantly update the system or manually find the latest information.

To address these issues, DCK Group began their hunt for a new system. They were looking for a more visual system that included pictures and allowed suppliers to log in directly. Additionally, they needed a system that would track the entire development process, from product designs to negotiations, rather than just starting from the point of raising a purchase order.


With WFX, our teams are not constantly checking multiple systems for images and product information. This has allowed them to spend more time thinking and talking about products and ensuring that our collection planning is sound.

Nathalie TaylorCapability Manager, DCK

Impact after implementing WFX

  • WFX’s visual interface has significantly increased efficiency and productivity for DCK's buying and merchandising teams. Working with product images has improved product development by providing clear visibility, boosting confidence in quantity allocations.
  • WFX has increased overall productivity, allowing teams to dedicate more time to product-related discussions and development.
  • Planning, previously done in isolation on spreadsheets, is now consolidated within one system, freeing up time for other essential tasks.
  • Lengthy email exchanges between buying, merchandising teams, and suppliers have been eliminated, reducing confusion and miscommunication.
  • WFX's direct supplier login portal has eliminated confusion and streamlined communication between buyers and suppliers.
  • The time saved and efficiency gains from WFX have helped shorten product life cycles and accelerated time-to-market for DCK.

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  • 40%

    Increased Transparency

  • 40%

    Faster Product Development

  • 60%

    Achieved Centralized Database Architecture

About the Company

DCK Group is one of UK’s largest independent fashion jewellery retailers, working with many leading High Street brands such as Matalan, Tesco, ASOS, Zalando, Boots, M&Co, River Island, and more.

Established in 1992, the DCK Group operates on both a B2B and B2C model. With its headquarters in Billericay, Essex, the company also has offices in Hong Kong and China, providing extensive retail and logistics operational capabilities.

DCK has a team of approximately 150 people working in the UK office and a large field team of about 1200 working in the stores. The company provides around 24 million pieces of jewellery annually to over 30 retailers globally, from Distribution Centres worldwide.

Download the detailed document of this story