EAM Maliban Group scales globally with WFX

Challenges they faced

EAM Maliban was having troubles in managing sales orders, production planning, and material sourcing processes as the volume of customer orders increased. There was a lot of data entry that had to be done manually.

Time wastage and errors were the results of the disjointed information flow between their many order processing phases and production activities.

The company was also losing money on some styles since they didn't have a real-time view of style profitability to optimize procurement and set proper budgets for new orders. .


WFX's Cloud Enterprise Suite has helped us transform into a more digitally savvy firm, allowing us to manage our operations better.

Sharaz Hilmi Farouk General Manager, EAM Maliban Group

Impact after implementing WFX

  • The revamped process is eliminating low-value, repetitive manual operations from sales order management, integrated production teams, and is freeing up staff-time to focus on more productive tasks and material cost management.
  • Every step of the process, from projections and bookings to sampling and final destination orders, WFX is helping eliminate the need for repetitive data entry.
  • Maliban has increased its productivity by 50%, reduced product lead-time by 20% and material cost has gone down by 5%
  • The WFX Cloud Enterprise Suite is enabling greater data-driven decision making based on metrics, in addition to process enhancements and integrations.

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  • 50%

    Increase in Productivity

  • 20%

    Reduction in Lead Time

  • 5%

    Reduction in Material Cost

About the Company

In Sri Lanka, EAM Maliban Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. is a significant clothing manufacturer. It has over ten plants in Sri Lanka and Jordan and employs over 10,000 skilled workers. Weaved garments and wet processing solutions are the company's specialties.

Maliban manufactures around 20 million woven clothes each year and is a supplier to GAP, a well-known American clothing retailer.

Download the detailed document of this story