ELK scales globally with WFX

Challenges they faced

ELK's design team's precious creative time was hindered by operational dependency on various spreadsheets and excel-based technical specifications.

The existing excel-based Tech packs required manual and time-consuming data entry, prompting ELK's Leadership team to look for an end-to-end product lifecycle management solution for their fashion business that would allow the design team to streamline and improve productivity and efficiency in their roles.


Our experience with WFX has been nothing short of fantastic, and their personnel is exceedingly accommodating. WFX has been our PLM, and I'm confident it would be an excellent pick for any fashion company.

Anastasia KaramanProduction Manager, Elk

Impact after implementing WFX

  • The company's supply chain operation's productivity have increased significantly by 35% through boosting speed.
  • The design team of ELK have reduced the time taken to launch new ideas for sample and production by 50%
  • Communication with suppliers is no longer done through emails but is being done through the WFX supplier portal, which is smarter and more streamlined. Managing sample evaluations, approvals, and sharing feedback is now quick and easy.
  • WFX is tracking all the reports on costing, compliance, milestones, and profitability, among other important KPIs. All collections, margins, and cost heads are visible to senior management in real-time.
  • The operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and supply-chain transparency, everything has improved remarkably by 85%.

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  • 35%

    Increase in Productivity

  • 50%

    Faster time to market

  • 85%

    Increase in efficiency

About the Company

Elk is an Australian fashion label started in 2004 by Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras, a husband-and-wife team who are known for their environmentally conscientious business practices.

The Melbourne-based label provides statement accessories, clothes, and leather goods all around the world.

In over 20 countries, Elk sells direct-to-consumers as well as through independent retailers.

Download the detailed document of this story