Nine&Co. was able to reduce lead time by 30% using WFX

Challenges they faced

NINE&Co's various teams were using offline spreadsheets to coordinate everything from design to development to inventory management. It was hard for them to have one specific way of working across all the brands. Whenever something was updated or changed, they had to send emails with large files to everyone involved.

With offices in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the teams found it hard to collaborate and communicate with each other in a meaningful way.

They didn't have a way to centralize and consolidate information and functions of all the teams. They also had no way to ensure consistency of data which made it very difficult to make accurate business decisions.

Before choosing WFX, NINE&Co tried 4 other PLM providers. But the team found other systems to be either too complicated for their requirements or just not offering the right features and functionalities for their needs.


The team behind WFX is always willing to look into your problems and really work together to develop solutions that help transform your processes into a solid way of working. I would definitely recommend WFX to other customers because the flexibility and attention of the team is extremely useful. It is really, for the first time, what made using a new tool a worthwhile investment.

Rob Van ThielDirector - Design, Buying & Sourcing, NINE&Co

Impact after implementing WFX

  • WFX eliminated the need for sending emails with large files for internal coordination. Now, everyone in the team has access to the most updated and relevant information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • WFX's most tangible impact has been on NINE&Co's reporting and decision-making abilities. WFX gave them the ability to track, monitor and analyze data not just from their own functions but their suppliers' operations who are also using the same platform.
  • WFX helped the existing design team easily transition from 2D design to 3D design. WFX worked with NINE&Co to build an integration with a 3D design tool so that design data could be fed directly into their ERP system.
  • Thanks to WFX's business tracking and intelligence tools, NINE&Co has been able to shorten their lead times from more than 15 months to just around 12-14 weeks!

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  • 30%

    Reduction in Lead Time

  • 90%

    Reduction in Errors

  • All

    Information Centralized

About the Company

NINE&Co is a family of 6 brands that design, develop and sell maternity, baby and children's fashion, home and sleep products. The Netherlands-based company was founded in 1991 and has now grown into one of the largest players in the maternity and baby wear space.

Today, the NINE&Co group of brands includes Imps & Elfs, NOP, Noppies, Alvi, Supermom, Queenmum, and Esprit for mums. The brands sell their products through more than 2,000 touchpoints in almost 50 countries—making it one of the largest players in this domain.

What's more, every brand under NINE&Co's portfolio prides itself in using sustainable production methods and organic materials. The company also engages in recycling, upcycling and a circular model of production for all its products

Download the detailed document of this story