OAK + FORT launched new categories & sped up production with WFX

Challenges they faced

OAK + FORT has seen very rapid growth in single a decade, growing from just one store in 2010 to running 27+ outlets as well as a strong online presence. With more stores, they needed more and more products to stock the shelves.

The team’s biggest challenge was staying track on time while still developing the highest quality products for their customers. Before WFX, there was no official system of working or managing the business at OAK + FORT. They were doing everything on spreadsheets and communicating via emails, which led to miscommunications between team members. Without any centralized system for managing their products and production schedule, it became difficult for the team to stay on track with time while developing the highest quality products for their customers.

The lack of a unified system also led to confusion about who was responsible for what tasks, which often led to delays in completing tasks. This resulted in a lot of confusion and miscommunication between departments, as well as a lot of time wasted on manually tracking product availability and inventory.


“Working with WFX takes efficiency to a whole new level and finding information is really streamlined and easy. It has streamlined our processes, it made us more organized, more efficient, and our communication improved hugely using it.”

Julia MoldovanDirector of Production, OAK + FORT

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Seamless Information Flow: WFX PLM eliminates the intricate dance between documents. The team can now seamlessly trace items, updates, and data accuracy, erasing the need to navigate through disjointed files.
  • Empowered Organization: OAK + FORT experiences newfound efficiency and organization through WFX PLM. The brand's processes are optimized, fostering collaboration and maximizing every resource.
  • Vendor Relationships Transformed: WFX PLM isn't just a system; it's a bridge to better vendor relationships. The brand now presents vendors with clear, auto-calculated measurements, sidestepping the complexities of outdated spreadsheets.
  • Elevating Expansion: WFX opened doors for OAK + FORT, enabling forays into new product categories. The platform provided a robust infrastructure to uphold the brand's renowned quality standards, seamlessly extending them to new lines.
  • Global Connectivity: With WFX's cloud-based prowess, geographical boundaries dissolve. The platform's accessibility from any digital device facilitates information dissemination and updates worldwide, promoting flexibility and global collaboration.

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  • 40%

    Increased Transparency

  • 40%

    Faster Product Development

  • 60%

    Achieved Centralized Database Architecture

About the Company

Founded by husband-wife team Arjuna Thiagarajah and Min Kang in 2010, OAK + FORT is a Canadian minimalist fashion and lifestyle brand. The company started in Vancouver in 2010 with one store location in Gas Town and has since grown to 27+ locations across North America.

The OAK + FORT team comprises of over 450 employees, across its design, merchandising, store, and other staff. The brand produces their products overseas in South Korea, China, Vietnam and India.

A member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, OAK + FORT also runs an environmentally conscious sub-brand Oak Refined, in partnership with Hallotex, to manufacture products with the highest sustainable standards, using organic farmed and recycled materials.

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