OKA scales globally with WFX

Challenges they faced

OKA was in talks with a number of investment firms in 2017 about expanding its operations into overseas markets, especially eager to expand its footprint in North America. The process of starting a business in the United States differs significantly from that of starting a business in the United Kingdom.

Companies must label products in a variety of ways, describe products in a variety of ways, and comply with a variety of certification standards. This needed a lot of coordination and streamlined approach.


WFX has been a valuable resource in assisting us with the launch of new seasons. We may look at the season's color palettes, compare future products to old ones, and determine if any gaps exist. We believe that WFX software solution would support us and help our company grow.

Kaye Conder Product Development Manager, OKA

Impact after implementing WFX

  • The company's employees are now planning, producing, purchasing, and examining their products in a faster and better manner, the entire process is seeing improvement, and the overall efficiency has increased by 40%.
  • With the new system in place the product, technical, and procurement teams are accessing all of the OKA's product information with ease since standardizing is there. Various teams are now rapidly cooperating and are seeing the product's entire lifespan.
  • OKA is now successfully operating in the United States with 70% improvement in product quality.

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  • 40%

    Efficiency Increased

  • 70%

    Increased in Product Quality

  • 20%

    Faster Product Development process

About the Company

OKA has been supplying sophisticated and fashionable furniture to households for over 21 years, emulating the British values of 'living well.'

OKA was formed by Annabel Astor, Sue Jones, and Lucinda Waterhouse with the goal of "inspiring people to design a home that expresses their personality."

In 1999, OKA began as a direct mail-order company. This company now has 14 retail locations in the United Kingdom, as well as a strong online presence. Since 2018, WFX Cloud PLM has partnered with OKA to help the company grow and evolve.

Download the detailed document of this story