How PPJ digitalized operations with WFX to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Challenges they faced

When PPJ came to WFX, they were facing major challenges in integrating inventory and production across multiple companies. Their production processes were linked between inter-company, and they had one single CM source order from their parent company. This made material movements for raw materials and WIP incredibly complex due to the differences in reporting for compliance and MIS.

With over two dozen factories located in five different zones, they were struggling to ensure data integrity, consistency in workflows, and adherence to internal standard operating procedures and compliance. They also found it difficult to keep track of costs, deadlines, and the status of products at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The team was missing important deadlines as problems would often go undetected for long periods due to the lack of visibility. This also escalated costs and ate away at their revenues.

Dr. Dang Vu Hung

WFX has been the right technology partner for our fashion business, handholding us step-by-step to a new way of doing things digitally—one with increased visibility, smarter decision making, better coordination and no cost overruns. We couldn't be happier.

Dr. Dang Vu HungCEO, Phong Phu International (JSC)

Impact after implementing WFX

  • WFX enabled PPJ to create a centralized digital system for managing and accessing digital style libraries and catalog items across the organization. This gives them access to all information about any style as it gets updated.
  • WFX allows leadership to control costs easily as they get a consolidated view of 'total costs' by expense heads, processes, items, and other parameters.
  • WFX helped PPJ make their production much more efficient, thanks to an integration between WFX and FastReact's planning tool. The integration allows them to save time, eliminate the chances of human errors.
  • The implementation of WFX has allowed PPJ to centralize their sourcing processes and automate supplier price lists, procurement delegation and approval of expenses. Thanks to this, errors have gone done and approvals have also gotten much quicker.
  • WFX has empowered PPJ to ensure compliance with all statutory regulations without manual data entry or inaccurate documentation.

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  • 97%

    Reduction in data redundancy

  • 50%

    Increase in productivity

  • 30

    Man-hours per month Saved

About Phong Phu International JSC (PPJ)

Founded in 2007, Phong Phu International JSC (PPJ) is among the top five textile and garment manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. The runs 25 factories spread over five different locations and employs over 5,000 people.

The privately held enterprise promotes vertical manufacturing denim, woven, and knit fabrics and specializes in producing high-quality apparel products such as jeans, work pants, casual pants, and knitwear for the global fashion industry.

PPJ has invested heavily in developing its production facilities in such a way that they can meet rising demand while staying committed to sustainable production practices. They have adopted various eco-friendly practices such as use of renewable energy, low impact denim washing techniques and 3D virtual sampling and prototyping.

Download the detailed document of this story