How Rainwear Synchronized Costing & Improved Profitability with WFX ERP

Challenges they faced

Rainwear's ascendancy faced headwinds owing to ERP-related challenges. The absence of synchronization between Cost Sheets and Bill of Materials (BOM) introduced inaccuracies, undermining budget control and style consistency.

Color-wise cost capturing, trims management, and sample order tracking were hindered by manual processes, causing errors and inefficiencies. Vital files couldn't be attached to purchase orders or specs, complicating record-keeping. These obstacles prompted Rainwear's quest for a modern ERP system that could catalyze growth by streamlining operations.

As Nipuni Kumarapeli, Manager - Key Account and Development at Rainwear, aptly put it, "By the end of 2021, we had streamlined our own process issues, simplified our operations, and we were ready to increase our production capacity to take the business to the next level." However, the challenges they faced were formidable, necessitating a solution that could bring harmony to their operations, streamline their processes, and provide the crucial accuracy they needed to progress.


“WFX allows us to capture all requests, entries, and other activities, properly monitoring them through the system, so we can get in-depth reports about our processes.”

Nipuni Kumarapeli, Manager - Key Account and Development, Rainwear

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Synchronized Accuracy: WFX ERP unified Cost Sheets and BOMs, eradicating inconsistencies and saving valuable time.
  • Budget Precision: Budgetary limitations became enforceable, empowering Rainwear with order insights, profit, and loss clarity.
  • Efficiency Amplified: Color-wise cost capturing, and material requirement generation were streamlined, reducing manual errors.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Rainwear experienced easier sample order creation and attachment handling for specs and reports.
  • Informed Decisions: Reporting and analysis were optimized, empowering Rainwear to set precise profit and loss targets.

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  • 40%

    Increased Transparency

  • 40%

    Faster Product Development

  • 60%

    Achieved Centralized Database Architecture

About the Company

Rainwear, a trailblazer in outdoor and technical apparel, was founded in 1987 as Sri Lanka's response to quality, innovation, and partnership in the global market. Pioneering waterproof, windproof garments for the European market, Colombo-based Rainwear (Pvt) Ltd. boasts not just expertise, but a legacy of commitment and excellence.

Operating two in-house manufacturing units and collaborating with 11 regional production facilities, Rainwear is a production powerhouse, capable of crafting over 18,000 pieces per month in the waterproof, bonded, and seamless garments category.

Download the detailed document of this story