Showpo Streamlines Workflows with WFX PLM

Challenges they faced

Showpo faced several challenges before implementing WFX PLM to optimize their product development processes. They struggled with the visibility of workflows among their design, garment tech, and buying teams, as the workflows had become difficult to manage due to a lack of visibility.

The company also relied on scattered information tracked on spreadsheets, lacking a centralized source of information to monitor team activities and progress effectively.

Showpo needed to streamline and enhance the quality of their tech packs and measurement charts to simplify the style creation process, indicating a need for improved organization in this aspect. What's more, their outdated system, which combined spreadsheets and an unsuitable legacy system, hindered their product development processes.

Kelly Hunt

“We were using a system that wasn't a PLM, so we had quite a lot of shonky data that had to be migrated into WFX which was quite a challenge on our side, but the WFX team was really helpful in supporting that migration.”

- Kelly Hunt, Project Lead, Showpo

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Implementation of WFX PLM significantly increased transparency within Showpo's product development workflows, enabling seamless real-time collaboration and communication among teams.
  • Centralizing information and standardizing tech pack creation through WFX resulted in the elimination of process redundancies, reducing errors and ensuring accessible, up-to-date information.
  • Moving suppliers onto the WFX Vendor Portal is expected to enhance collaboration, streamline production processes, and foster stronger relationships with suppliers for more efficient operations.
  • The intuitive visual interface of WFX transformed the interaction with product development processes, leading to improved user engagement and adoption, ultimately maximizing efficiency.
  • WFX PLM provided a centralized repository for accurate product-related data, along with custom reports and data analysis, facilitating improved strategic planning for Showpo.

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  • 40%

    Increased Transparency

  • 40%

    Faster Product Development

  • 60%

    Achieved Centralized Database Architecture

About the Company

Founded in Sydney in 2010 by Jane Lu, Showpo is an Australian social media-led online retailer that sells 80+ local and international brands as well as in-house styles through its e-commerce site. The brand retails across 120+ destinations

Showpo began as a platform to disrupt the traditional retail model and has since become a global fashion destination—with a team of 140+ people and over 100+ new styles launched every week.

Showpo has over 5,000 different styles, with 80% of them being their own brand. The brand has also won several awards including the Online Retailer of the Year in Australia 2018, among others.

Download the detailed document of this story