How Texport integrated systems, data, and processes with WFX ERP

Challenges they faced

With steady growth, Texport has grown its production capacity with over 6,000 machines spread across 19 different factories. However, they did not have centralized coordination systems across these manufacturing units. Business teams had to e-mail instructions and requirement details to different suppliers and factory managers. Even inventory and quality checking records existed in physical formats.

While they had a full-fledged in-house design team to create and develop exciting collections each season, their style libraries were scattered, and designers made tech packs in excel sheets.

In addition, budget approvals had to be managed through paper documents meaning that even the simplest cost revisions took a few days to reflect in the senior management's dashboard. Even the accounting department had to feed in order and purchase details manually. This is what pushed Texport to look for a one-stop-shop technological solution that would allow them to manage their fashion supply chain better.

WFX has been a timely addition to our infrastructure. It has synchronized disparate processes into a single master platform where every stakeholder can perform his/her job much more efficiently and coordinate with cross-functional teams for delivering high-quality products and services, consistently.

Mr. Shailesh GoenkaCEO, Texport

Impact after implementing WFX

  • WFX has helped Texport get a centralized view of all their production units. The management can see what's happening across units, departments, functions and clients in real-time through the WFX platform. They can simplify production tracking by breaking each order cycle into small steps and track them individually.
  • WFX allows Texport to digitize and automate time-killing processes at every stage. For instance, the design team can easily create digital tech packs in WFX with centralized style libraries. Everyone always has access to the latest version of the tech pack so there's no version confusion.
  • WFX has streamlined Texport's supplier communication. They can share tech packs and purchase orders directly through the system. They can also automate Advance Ship Notices and invoices to generated from Purchase Orders, thereby reducing errors by 35%.
  • WFX's accounting and financial module facilitates an integrated accounting system that auto-triggers credit and debit notes for returned materials and update purchase orders and invoices. This has helped them be more successful by saving time and eliminating the redundancy of data by 85%.

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  • 5%

    Reduction in delivery lead-time

  • 35%

    Reduction in human errors

  • 85%

    Reduction in data redundancy

About the Company

Founded in 1978, Texport Industries Private Limited, or simply Texport Garments, is one of India's largest and the first full-service garment exporters. It is owned by the reputed Goenka-family and operates out of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Tirupur locations, harnessing the best geographical resources.

Texport specializes in the manufacturing of men's, women's, and children's tops and bottoms. The manufacturer employs more than 15,000 people across 19 manufacturing facilities located all over India—with a production capacity of over 1.4 million garments per month.

The business develops high-quality products by employing skilled and technically qualified personnel to manage their machinery and apparel production processes. Texport is internationally well-known for its ethical commitments and leadership heritage.

Download the detailed document of this story