WFX Cloud PDM provides Immediate Access to Real-Time Product Information


Complete, easy-to-use Cloud Product Data Management (PDM) solution to shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs of apparel and fashion companies. The WFX Cloud based PDM solution for fashion/ apparel companies can extend to suppliers and buyers for integrated functionality.

Multi-location offices abroad, suppliers and production sites can retrieve real-time product specifications (fashion design specs) through an intranet, extranet or a secure internet site. Cloud PDM assures 100% up-to-date information, so last minute changes on components and consumption are available online to any user or vendor.

Cloud PDM manages product and technical specifications to detailed pre-costing throughout the supply chain, particularly in pre-production.

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Features & Functionality

Online Product Specs
Share product specifications online with all vendors globally anytime, anywhere.
Fabric & Trim Library
Detailed library can be setup with all the fabrics and trims details (tech-specs color, sizes etc.)
Style Versioning
Maintain and keep versions of styles! As the style keeps changing it keeps a track of the history of all styles.
Change Log
Track all changes to the design and view log to drill down to see who made the changes and when!
Detailed BOM
Complete Bill of Materials including fabric, trims, labels, linings etc. Ability to revise BOM as and when required.
Maintain complete costing for the style including all indirect costs! Keep versions of costings!
All Style Details
Design & size specs, wash care labels, complete costing, label & technical descriptions, color combinations, construction details, measurement charts, packing information.
Collaborative Time & Action Calendar
Schedule, Monitor and track all design and development activities and control progress of all new styles and prototypes.
Integrates with WFX Financial
Monitor and Control all financial transactions, analyze cost through Cost Centers and Profit/Loss of your departments, buyers and Orders.