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  • oracle-netsuite-wfx-integration

    Oracle NetSuite + WFX

    WFX is the only fashion PLM with a 'Built for NetSuite' certified connector and a natural choice for NetSuite ERP users. WFX's tried-and-tested connector enables NetSuite users to go-live quickly and integrate seamlessly.

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  • adobe-illustrator-wfx-integration

    Adobe Illustrator + WFX

    WFX-AI Connector automatically syncs AI Artwork to WFX PLM. This eliminates the need for manual data entry by fashion designers and speeds up creative design process and Techpack creation.

  • aiims360-wfx-integration

    AIMS360 ERP + WFX

    WFX - AIMS360 is a standard connector that enables seamless integration between the two systems and connects design all the way through sales orders, purchase orders, production and more.

  • gt-nexus-wfx-integration

    GT Nexus + WFX

    WFX integrates directly with GT Nexus to enable seamless data exchange for manufacturers with their buyers. This saves factories hours of data entry to create or change order/shipment information and ensures accurate data and shipments.

  • fast-react-wfx-integration

    Fast React + WFX

    WFX offers seamless integration with Fastreact Plan to connect production planning data with orders, materials and the production floor. Sync data from WFX to Fastreact Plan, get an optimized production plan ready, then sync planning data back to WFX to execute production efficiently.

  • customized-integration-with-wfx

    Custom Integrations

    We have a dedicated team of integration experts and offer custom integration services so you can integrate WFX products with any applications that you use.

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