Optimize Your Production Floor

Track and increase floor productivity, improve product quality and streamline your production Lines with WFX Smart Factory. Book A Demo

An Intelligent System To Upgrade Your Floor Production


  • Input lay plan details via excel & create numbering & bundling report based on requirement
  • Create bundle/box stickers with a single click
  • Upload production plan for sewing & finishing room via excel upload
  • Upload OB with operation wise targets


  • Enter actual production output data via desired production process
  • Scanning of barcodes/QR codes via smart phones on workstations
  • Direct input via touch-based application
  • Scanning of bulk Job sheets at required intervals


  • Track resource performance with ON/OFF standard activity tracker
  • Critical path/operations are highlighted based on live performance
  • Identify quality bottlenecks down to operation/operator level
  • Live KPI’s: Operator/operation Efficiency, bundle time, SAH, throughput rate


  • Create operation bulletin based on system generated operator skill matrix ensuring optimized resource planning.
  • Meet planned production targets & optimize production planning based on actual performance of operators.
  • Ensure quality standards through live tracking of quality bottlenecks & ensuring right person for the right job.

Monitor Production And Improve Line Efficiency

Track production output and KPI's effortlessly on real-time basis to ensure production targets are being met on time. Monitor production order status, factory & line performance through app and T.V. displays.

Capture Defects Easily In Real-Time

Capture product quality seamlessly through tablets in real-time. Visualize defects on heat maps to identify and remove bottlenecks in the production line. Reduce re-work.


Intelligent Insights To Optimize Your Production

Analytics from Fashion Production Tracking Software provide line wise, PO wise, floorwise efficiency & performance. Compare planned vs actual performance & optimize your production floor.

Create Accountability By Streaming Live Production Data To TV Screens

Project live performance & quality dashboards directly to TV displays on the production line. Create a culture of self accountability and meeting targets.

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