Streamline B2B Sales with Virtual Fashion Showroom

WFX Virtual Showroom can help you build custom showrooms to showcase your products, reduce costs, collaborate with buyers and increase sales. Book A Demo

Harness the Power of 3D Visuals and HD Videos

Integrate 3D design tools with Virtual Showroom to showcase your designs in 3D and 2D. Create an interactive environment where buyers can explore high-resolution imagery, 3D prototypes, high-definition videos and product specification in their own time.


Showcase Personalized Collections For Each Buyer

Launch customized collections directly from your PLM or ERP for select buyers with our Virtual Fashion Showroom Software. Customize the information you want to share with each customer based on their preferences.

Manage Customer Feedback & Sample Queries

Get instant design feedback from customers and collaborate with them through in-built communication tools on our B2B virtual sales platform to speed up design reviews and sample discussions.


Boost Sales Through Targeted Promotions

Promote new collections by launching promotional campaigns directly into your buyer's inbox. Invite customers to your B2B virtual sales platform via a secure link to browse items from their virtual fashion showroom—driving inquiries, sales, and loyalty.

Monitor Showroom Analytics & KPIs

Use our showroom analytics reports to analyze campaign performance, and gain insight into key customer engagement metrics such as 'click-through rate' (CTR), 'browse-through rates' (BTR), and 'enquiry/sample hit rates' to increase sales from Virtual Fashion Showroom Software.

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Manage All Your B2B Sales Virtually On One Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual showroom in fashion is a digital platform that allows designers, brands and manufacturers to showcase their collections online to buyers and retailers. It provides a virtual representation of the physical showroom and enables visitors to view products and interact with brands remotely.

Virtual showrooms work by creating a digital space where brands/manufacturers can display their collections through high-quality images, videos, and 3D models. Visitors can explore these products, browse through different categories, and interact with sales representatives in real-time through chat or video calls. Brands can also use analytics tools to track visitors' behavior and preferences, enabling them to personalize their offerings and improve customer engagement.

Virtual showrooms offer several benefits in fashion, including reducing costs associated with physical showrooms, increasing accessibility for buyers and retailers globally, and providing a more personalized and immersive buying experience. They also enable brands to showcase their products to a larger audience and collect valuable data on visitors' preferences, helping them reduce waste and make data-driven decisions. 

Access to virtual showrooms is usually through invitation from the brand/manufacturer or by registering through their website. Some virtual showrooms may require users to create an account and login to access their content.  

Yes, virtual showrooms are becoming more popular in the fashion industry due to their accessibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. With the rise of digital technologies and the pandemic's impact on physical events, more brands are embracing virtual showrooms as an alternative way to showcase their products and connect with buyers.      

WFX Virtual Showrooms enhance the buying experience by providing a personalized and interactive platform to view products, communicate with brands, and place orders at any time, and from anywhere. It offers advanced features such as 360-degree views, 3D product models, and high-resolution videos, enabling buyers to experience products as if they were physically present.