WFX Virtual Showroom The Future of B2B Sales

WFX Virtual Showroom showcase collections to buyers using innovative tools and presentations that enhance the buying experience and boost sales. Book A Demo

Showcase Products in 3D & 2D

Collaborate with teams on designs to create seasonal and customer oriented products. Integrate with design tools and 3D software to showcase designs in 3D and 2D.


Build Virtual Showrooms

Use templates to create beautifully designed Digital Showrooms in through WFX Virtual Fashion Showroom Software. Customize the information you want to share with customers.

Boost Sales of In-House Designs

Launch promotional campaigns to digitally showcase your collections on virtual fashion showroom. Invite customers via a secured link to your Virtual Fashion Showroom and drive inquiries and sales.


Manage Customer Feedback

Get instant design feedback from customers and iterate with them using in-built collaboration tools on a B2B virtual sales platform.

Showroom Analytics

Analyze the performance of your campaigns. Understand customer engagement with metrics like “click through rate", “browse through rates", “enquiry and sample hit rates" through our Virtual Fashion Showroom Software and use the data to improve sales.

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