Costing And Budgets

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Style Cost Sheets With Budgets

  • Create style cost sheets for buyers.
  • Set budgets for procurement within cost sheets.
  • Manage color/size level costings.
  • Define costings in Sets or Kit Packs (example lingerie, baby wear etc.)
  • Build an approval workflow for cost and margin exceptions.

Automated Bill of Materials

  • Extract Bill of Materials (BOM) directly from cost sheets.

Style Reconciliation

  • Automate style reconciliation statements with budgeted vs. actual costs.

What can you do with this module?

This module allows you to quickly develop style cost sheets and share with your buyers. It lets you accurately predict your costs, set budgets for procurement within cost sheets, and manage color/size level costings. It also enables you to build an approval workflow for cost and margin exceptions, which helps you stay on top of your finances.

Having comprehensive costings and budgets within your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an excellent way to ensure that you're controlling costs and making the best possible use of your resources. We've found that with these capabilities in place, you'll be able to make faster decisions about costing (and when to make changes), which will reduce your risk of late shipments and improve your margins.

Why is the Costing and Budgets module important?

  • It allows you to set pricing for your products based on accurate, up-to-date knowledge of how much it actually costs you to produce them.
  • It helps you avoid costly mistakes and identify areas where you're exceeding sales expectations and need to scale up production.
  • The approval workflow ensures only approved purchases are made, while also helping you make sure that you keep your costs where they need to be so you make a profit.
  • It provides accountability for all stakeholders by giving them insight into what their responsibilities are, how much money they're allotted, and how they should be spending those funds.
Save your money and time with a hassle-free costing and budgeting solution.

No more struggling to reconcile Bills of Materials with cost sheets. Create and manage style cost sheets and budget them as per your convenience.

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