Take Complete Control of Your Factory

WFX Fashion ERP Software helps you manage all the functions of your factory—from sampling to financials to shipment. Increase profits, reduce costs, ensure high product quality and stay ahead of your competition with our comprehensive, industry-specific modules.


Everything You Need to Create a Great
Manufacturing Ecosystem

Let WFX's ERP for fashion businesses streamline your business operations, simplify and speed up your processes, promote sustainable practices and improve product quality while reducing cost to business.

Integrate Sustainable Practices Into Your Production Cycle

  • Streamline procurement to minimize unused raw materials wastage.
  • Plan your inventory levels well to avoid either over- or understocking.
  • Reduce errors and rework through robust quality control.
  • Avoid delays to minimize air freight cost and emissions.

Optimize visibility, efficiency, and risk management with WFX's Garment ERP Software, leveraging dynamic business intelligence reports to drive informed decisions and establish your company as the preferred manufacturer for sustainable fashion brands.


Make Your Sourcing Process More Cost Effective

  • Make the most of your resources with detailed costing and budgeting modules.
  • Take advantage of intelligent materials planning system.
  • Track, compare and adjust procurement costs against your budgets
  • Make purchase orders faster and easier with automated data entry.

When you source materials, you want the best possible price for the highest quality goods. Our apparel manufacturing software streamlines your sourcing process and provides enough checks and balances to ensure that you save money while doing more in less time.

Offer Products With Unmatched Quality

  • Empower your teams to carry out regular inspections in line with your quality ethos
  • Conduct thorough quality checks on multiple levels
  • Capture, track and manage defects and rejections in real time
  • Customize the QA (Quality Assurance) system to fit your needs

Communicate better with key stakeholders to drive higher efficiency and reduce waste with WFX's apparel management software. Anticipate and solve problems before they disrupt your operations.


Make Data-Driven Decisions To Maximize Profits

  • Get the most important information about your business through easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.
  • Let managers and CXOs can stay updated on business developments with reports designed to meet their individual needs.
  • Configure customized notifications to be alerted when key performance thresholds are hit.
  • Do a quick scans important metrics and KPIs whenever you want.

Leverage WFX ERP for apparel industry to access critical data and actionable insights for making intelligent business decisions, with personalized finance, production, planning, quality, and other functional insights to future-proof your company.

Single Digital Hub For All Your Accounting And Financial Needs

  • Link financial transactions to your operations.
  • Eliminate the tedium of data entry, rework and human errors through automation.
  • Keep your international tax setup and compliances organized and up-to-date with ease.
  • Manage all your financial data on a single platform.

WFX ERP apparel software simplifies accounting and finance operations, allowing you to devote more time to business growth instead of manual ledger calculations, while seamlessly consolidating your global financial transactions into one integrated module.


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Centralize All Your Fashion Manufacturing
Processes On One Platform


Frequently Asked Questions

ERP stands for ‘enterprise resource planning’ which is a system that manages the flow of information between different departments in an apparel business, allowing for efficient resource utilization and better collaboration. For apparel businesses, this can include functions like sampling, inventory tracking, costing & budgeting, supplier management, production and more.  

A fashion and apparel-specific ERP is more flexible than a generic ERP as it's designed specifically for the unique requirements of the apparel industry. Apparel ERP offers features that help apparel businesses manage inventory, source materials and trims, manage sales orders, plan production, track shipments and improve customer/vendor relationships.   

Apparel ERP Software is designed specifically for the unique requirements of apparel businesses. ERP for garment manufacturing offers features that help manage inventory, source materials and trims, manage orders, plan and track production as well as improve supplier collaboration. It helps businesses to streamline processes, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency.

Yes, good Apparel ERP Software such as WFX ERP is highly flexible, scalable and can be customized to the specific needs of your business. WFX offers custom integrations with your existing tools and works with you to develop and implement a personalized ERP solution to help you achieve your long and short-term business goals.  

The security of data stored in Apparel ERP Software depends on the provider. WFX ERP hosts user data on Amazon Web Services for best-in-world data privacy and protection. WFX also employs in-built app security, password controls, user logs, and role-based access to protect user privacy. 256 BIT TLS Security and IP-based security are also implemented.   

Fashion businesses should use WFX Apparel ERP because it's the leading digital transformation expert specifically catering to the fashion industry, including apparel, footwear, and home furnishing companies. WFX offers user-friendly, feature-rich, flexible and scalable solutions at a lower total cost of software ownership—allowing businesses to save time and money while increasing revenue.