Material Planning

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Intelligent Material Requirement Generation

  • Automate material calculations for bulk material requirements.
  • Consolidate Item SKU level material requirements across multiple orders and instantly generate Indents.
  • Fulfill indents in with available free stock or by raising Purchase Orders.

Material Requirement Planning

  • Ensure full utilization of free stock by running an automated MRP function which automatically fulfills material requirements.
  • Run MRP on multiple levels (item, item + color, item + color + size ) providing users flexibility to manage stock adjustments / procurements based on end user needs.
  • Automate material allocation based on pre-defined business logic or control material allocations manually.
  • Quick purchase order generation for efficient procurement.
  • Fulfill purchase Indents from existing free stock or transfer stock from other orders with a later delivery date.
  • Improve inventory visibility of materials being received, pending to receive, and as well as excess/short receiving.
  • Fulfill material requirements from materials on-order or existing materials in the warehouse.

What can you do with this module?

When you're working with a high volume of materials and orders, it can be hard to keep up with what's going in and out of your inventory. WFX ERP's Material Planning module makes it easy to automatically fulfill your material requirements by combining the power of intelligent material requirement generation, consolidation of SKU level requirements across multiple orders, and automatic fulfillment.

This will help you with everything from running an MRP function that ensures full utilization of free stock, to automating material allocations based on your pre-defined business logic (or manually controlling them if you prefer). You can even improve inventory visibility of materials so that you're sure that you're getting exactly what you need, when you need it. And you'll definitely love how easy it is to generate quick purchase orders for efficient procurement.

With this module, you can be confident that your supply chain is always working at maximum efficiency—and so can your customers!

Why is the Material Planning module important?

  • It allows you to see which materials you need to order, where they're going, and what your costs will be.
  • It enables you to plan inventory needs and schedule procurement so that you never miss or delay an order due to lack of stock.
  • It will ensure accurate indent generation and optimal utilization of stocks, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and improving business margins.
  • It will allow you to automatically generate intelligent material requirement plans based on historical data, sales trends and inventory levels.
Planning for the future is difficult. But planning your future material requirements? Not at all!

Free your life of small tasks that take up most of your time and effort. Make them efficient, quick and most importantly, automatic. Make full use of our materials with WFX ERP

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