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Automated Production Definition

  • Set rules to automatically route materials and production processes.
  • Flexible options to outsource one or multiple process orders (job work).
  • Create high-level or detailed production processes (with unlimited process steps) based on your production tracking needs.

Automated Production Work Flow

  • Plan order quantities for multiple production units according to execution plans.
  • Change the allocation plan at any time.

Outsourcing Management

  • Determine internal or outsourcing work orders based on the production life cycle.
  • Control Material Requests (MR) based on work order quantity.
  • Handle additional material requests efficiently in the event of production loss.

Production Progress & Finished Goods Visibility

  • Track your daily and hourly production at line and process level.
  • Access Work-In-Progress material information and value.
  • Manage all subcontracted orders and fulfillments.

Material Consumption Reconciliation/Monitoring

  • Define process-wise material consumption to obtain actual consumption and analyze variance.

Inter Company Production / CM Workflow

  • Set up a production-handling arrangement between separate corporations, even multiple interlocking legal entities.
  • Manage complex intercompany structures with order execution across multiple related entities where one company provides CM orders and other companies execute.
  • Automate transactions between parent and child companies to ensure compliance.

What can you do with this module?

One of the best things about WFX ERP is how it makes production management easier. This module is packed with all the key features that will help you manage your production like a pro. Let's start with route rules! Route rules will let you automatically route materials and production processes based on flexible options so you can outsource any job or jobs that need outsourcing.

With WFX ERP, you'll be able to create as many production processes as your company needs—and add more when you grow! The flexible options in Production allow you to outsource one or more jobs without changing anything else in your workflow, so you can seamlessly transition between outsourcing and insourcing.

Next up is planning order quantities according to execution plans and changing allocation plans when needed. You can also determine work orders based on the production life cycle and then control material requests based on work order quantity. And beyond that, there's so much more!

For instance, WFX ERP software lets you track daily/hourly production at both line and process level. And when something goes wrong—which happens—we make it easy to see what's going on right away, since we show you all your work-in-progress material information and value at the click of a button.

Why is the Production module important?

  • It allows the user to plan and control production across companies in a way that is easy to learn, flexible to use and saves a lot of time.
  • It helps you minimize costs and maximize profit margins by helping you manage material costs across different production units of your company.
  • It lets you visualize your entire company and manage all processes through one system, reducing errors and unnecessary rework.
  • With greater control on production, you can respond quicker to customer orders at minimum cost and win business by shortening delivery times and improving inventory levels.
  • You'll be able to plan your daily/hourly production levels accurately, because you're aware of your current situation at line or process level.
  • It makes it simpler to ensure that there are sufficient raw materials available to complete your orders.

Take your production to the next level

Our Modules are designed to make your production process effortless. No more delay, defects or wastage. From creating the most detailed production process to tracking hourly production levels. You can do anything and everything with WFX ERP

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