Customer Orders

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Sales Order Automation

  • Track sales orders from order forecast to final delivery.
  • Manage commitment orders. Create orders for material procurement & planning and subsequently add colors/size quantities and destinations later as they are known.
  • Flexibility to manage & track orders with a variety of business cases.
  • Automatically import orders in bulk by mapping files or manually import orders via excel.
  • Simplify order revisions and cancellations.

Complete Sales Order Lifecycle Execution

  • Manage sales orders top down at multiple levels from Summary to Delivery including commitment orders (forward plan), multiple deliveries and multiple destinations.

Accurate Sales Projections

  • Manage sales projections by buyer, style, year.
  • Link sales projections with actual confirmed orders and analyze sales projections vs actual confirmed sales orders.


  • Automate order creation and order revisions by integrating with EDI.
  • Access library of pre-built order integrations with GT Nexus & other EDI standards.

What can you do with this module?

The Customer Orders module in WFX ERP offers a complete and integrated solution to streamline and automate your order management process. This allows you to manage every step of your order process—from forecast to final delivery—in one system, ensuring all data is aligned and up-to-date.

You can manage commitment orders, automatically import orders in bulk by mapping files or manually import orders via excel, and much more—all part of a system that is flexible enough to manage and track your company's most complex business cases.

The Customer Orders module also allows for simplified order revisions and cancellations, as well as automated order creation and order revisions that integrate with EDI. And the best part? You'll be able to link sales projections with actual confirmed orders, so you can analyze the difference between projected sales and actual sales. And when it comes to order revisions and cancellations, let's just say that we've got you covered there, too!

In short, this module helps you manage the life cycle of your orders, so you never have to wonder about the status of a shipment again!

Why is the Customer Orders module important?

  • It will help you decrease order processing times by centralizing data tracking and automating processes.
  • It will enable you to increase order accuracy thanks to the elimination of manual data entry and integration with EDI.
  • It will free you from being dependent on customer quote requests and provides visibility to what is to be delivered, when and where.
  • It will allow the sales team to accurately understand demand and build a solid forecast based on real business data.
  • It will help strengthen your relationship with customers, boost order conversions and sales by simplifying order revisions and cancellations.
Making customer orders uncomplicated and manageable

Experience a comprehensive customer order system. Track, automate and simplify your sales order process and stay ahead of the curve with accurate sales forecasts.

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