Visual Dashboards & Business Intelligence

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Flexible Reporting

  • Access dozens of pre-built industry specific reports.
  • Custom build reports based on required parameters for flexibility in reporting.
  • Automatically schedule reports to be emailed directly to a user, supplier or customer.

Combine Information for Better Insights - Insight App

  • Create, access, consume and take action on critical business information quickly.
  • Managers and CEOs use the WFX Insights app to view key business indicators for their business.
  • Customize notifications & alerts based on business needs and thresholds of KPIs.

Create Amazing Visualizations

  • Track the health of your business with visual dashboards to highlight KPIs. (Profitability of customers, revenue share by customers, underperforming customers, and more).

Intelligent Alerts & Notifications

  • Customize and Configure alerts and notifications based on needs.

Customer Liability Management

Automatically calculate customer liability based on below:

  • Order cancellations & FOB reduction after an order was placed in loading plan for production.
  • Reduction in Buyer's order quantity or cancellations after releasing POs for fabric and trims.
  • Changes in fabric CU/SMV after an order is placed in production.
  • Changes in material consumption after an order is placed in production.

Supplier Liability

Automatically calculate supplier liability based on below:

  • Materials ordered more than MOQ.
  • Fabric/trims received more than supplier tolerance.
  • Fabric/trims rejected due to quality at any level.

What can you do with this module?

Are you interested in visual dashboards and business intelligence that provide valuable insights for your organization? WFX offers an industry-leading Visual Dashboard & Business Intelligence module of WFX ERP can help your company make better decisions.

With the VD & BI module, users can create, access and consume critical business information quickly and easily. From dozens of pre-built, industry-specific reports to custom built reports based on required parameters, this module is designed for flexibility in reporting. Users can schedule reports to be emailed directly to a user, supplier or customer as well.

Managers and CEOs can use the WFX Insights app to view key business indicators for their business in real time. The app gives them a complete view of the health of their business with visual dashboards that highlight KPIs like profitability by customer, revenue share by customer, underperforming customers and more.

Why is the Business Intelligence module important?

  • It allows you to make quick decisions based on data points highlighting key business indicators.
  • It enables you to ensure that your business does not cross key thresholds with customized notifications and alerts.
  • It allows you to combine information from different data sources to provide better insights into how your business is doing.
  • You don't need a team of data analysts to make sense of information. Our system is designed for ease-of-use and quick comprehension—so you won't get bogged down by complicated jargon or complicated processes.
Make sure your every business decision is backed by data.

Enjoy critical business insights in the form of visual matrices and dashboards. Drive valuable insights that are easy to access and consume to build a more successful future for your business.

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