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Crossline cuts supply chain lead times by 25%

The company was handling its day to day operations manually. Also, because of the poor visibility across the channels of the company and the lack of a single source of truth across, teams led to supply chain errors and, in some circumstances, excessive payments to vendors...

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Gorjana scales its business with WFX

To scale the firm more efficiently, Gorjana needed a better approach to manage its product development and production process. Starting with a variety of designs, the product development team would go through multiple rounds of sampling and modifications before moving forward...

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How Benetton India enhanced supply chain visibility with WFX

The prior system lacked a reliable tracking system for monitoring factory/supplier production and receiving correct shipment data. As a merchandiser, poor visibility in this region resulted in higher communication, operating costs, and delays. To acquire progress...

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Spell & The Gypsy speeds up with WFX.

Spell coordinated production using numerous platforms and formats, including a plethora of excel sheets, word docs, illustrator files, and email. Spell's business continued to grow despite the information silos. But the lack of visibility, duplication of work, and long product cycle times were the costs it had to pay off...

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Synergy Achieves Supply Chain Resilience With WFX Cloud ERP

Due to the company's pan-India presence and on premise data it became tough to coordinate business activities across divisions and manufacturing units; its Mumbai headquarters oversaw merchandising and budgets, while production took place in factories in Karur and Bengaluru.

A fire in their Mumbai office in 2015 damaged all of their supply chain data. The company's operations came to a standstill...

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How ELK cut its launch time in half for new apparel design.

ELK's design team's precious creative time was hindered by operational dependency on various spreadsheets and excel-based technical specifications. The existing excel-based Tech packs required manual and time-consuming data entry, prompting ELK's Leadership team to look for an end-to-end product lifecycle management solution...

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Forever New scales globally with WFX

Although still a younger company, Forever New was growing rapidly and scaling business across the globe. However, the company was facing issues with the merchandise management tools in place at the time and its supply chain. Gaps in information flow began with design and product sourcing and continued through buying commitments and warehouse visibility. Getting data to flow accurately was as critical success factor for the business.

Lack of a centralized product solution restricted international growth...

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EAM Maliban Automates Sales Orders and Saves 2% Material Costs

EAM Maliban was having troubles in managing sales orders, production planning, and material sourcing processes as the volume of customer orders increased. There was a lot of data entry that had to be done manually. Time wastage and errors were the results of the disjointed information flow between their many order processing phases and production activities...

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How OKA launched its US presence with WFX

OKA was in talks with a number of investment firms in 2017 about expanding its operations into overseas markets, especially eager to expand its footprint in North America. The process of starting a business in the United States differs significantly from that of starting a business in the United Kingdom. This became a big challenge for OKA...

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