Time & Action

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Efficient Operations Through Collaboration

  • Customers (Time & Action Templates).
  • Automatically trigger T&A tracking template based on receipt of a customer order.
  • Automatically escalate late and critical tasks.
  • Exception Management Control.
  • Forward/backward scheduling with date prediction analysis.
  • Track tasks and automate task closures.

Dashboard Visibility of Styles and Orders

  • View late activities and statuses in one centralized screen.
  • Identify critical activities for buyers and vendors.
  • In-built notes and commenting against tasks.
  • Track user workload and task execution.

What can you do with this module?

We know that when you work in the apparel business, your job is complicated and there are a lot of moving parts. That's why we've developed the Time & Action module for WFX ERP—to save you from having to manage all those moving parts yourself.

The T&A module allows you to stay on top of your operation through collaboration, automatically triggering T&A tracking templates based on the receipt of customer orders. It also provides visibility of styles and orders through dashboards, so you can view late activities and statuses in one centralized screen.

Another benefit of the Time & Action module is that it allows for exception management control. You can easily identify critical activities for buyers and vendors because the system will track workloads and task execution. Plus, you can track tasks and automate task closures so you don't have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks.

Dashboard visibility makes it easy for your whole team to see what's going on with styles and orders at all times: no more wondering when things are going to happen.

Why is the Time & Action module important?

  • It allows you to catch any delays early by tracking task execution and auto escalating late tasks.
  • It gives you complete visibility into all your time sensitive processes on a single screen so you can always be on top of things.
  • It allows for better coordination as you can contact team members with instant messaging capability within the system itself.
  • It allows you to allocate resources better by helping you keep track of what everyone's workload looks like.
Modernize/ Digitalize Time & Action

Bring critical tasks to the forefront automatically. Track task closures and see all the things you need to do and their status on one screen. Monitor Workload and task executions methodically.

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