Supplier Portal

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Supplier KPIs

  • Manage supplier history and use data to evaluate supplier effectiveness.
  • Intelligent supplier performance analysis with analytics on sample hit rate and timely delivery.

Collaborate with suppliers for orders & shipments

  • Give suppliers secure, single-point access to up-to-date product information including tech pack, approvals, samples, and POs.
  • Suppliers get easy-to-use tools to submit costs and confirm orders.
  • Allow suppliers to update tasks and production status.
  • Easily track product changes, samples and approvals.
  • Get real-time notifications for critical milestones.

Supplier Invoice Automation

  • Enable suppliers to enter invoices directly on-line to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Transparency of Payments & Account Statements

  • Online, instant access of payments and financial settlements allow suppliers up-to-date data without manual follow-ups.

What can you do with this module?

When you're waiting for a delivery, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing when it's going to arrive. That's why we designed the Supplier Portal in WFX ERP—so you can get real-time notifications for critical milestones, and suppliers can spend less time trying to figure out who to contact and more time getting your products to you faster.

The module is designed to improve your supplier relationships and improve communication. It includes an automated history analysis so you can see how your suppliers have been performing at any given time, giving you a strong idea of who needs help and what needs to be done.

Your suppliers get access to a single place where they can handle everything instead of tracking down phone numbers or email addresses for everyone they have to contact. The Supplier Portal in WFX ERP is one of our most beloved features because it makes a huge difference for everyone involved.

Why is the Supplier Portal important?

  • It improves efficiency and reduces errors by allowing suppliers to directly enter invoices online through the portal.
  • The intelligent performance analysis tools enable you to evaluate supplier effectiveness on sample hit rates and timely delivery.
  • You don't have to spend time tracking down each individual supplier and asking them for updates. You can just log in and see how everyone is doing with their orders.
  • It's the perfect way to keep everyone on the same page and make sure that the process is running smoothly on both ends.
Let us provide a safe and collaborative space for you and your supplier to do business.

Make data-driven decisions using easy-to-understand analytics. Give one point of access to your supplier for their work and information needs. Make your processess error-free, transparent and efficient.

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