Say Goodbye To Multiple Samples

Improve sample management and feedback to reduce sample errors and iteration. Get samples right the first time. Book A Demo

Request Samples

Create sample requests for products or materials in one click and send instantly to your vendors online. Manage all types of garment samples (proto, fit, size set, lab dips etc.).


Track Samples

Track garment sample status and timelines with ease. Set automated alerts to inform relevant teams and remove the hassle of maintaining sample data in spreadsheets and email.

Nick Goodfellow Product Development Director - OKA

WFX has enhanced the quality of the product by organizing our development process and making coordination simple and thorough with our partner factories half way across the world.

Sample Feedback & Approvals

Approve, reject or provide feedback about a sample easily in WFX Apparel Sample Feedback and Approval feature. Include comments, images, annotations with call-outs and revised measurements. Provide clarity to your vendors and reduce sample iterations and lead times.


Mobile Upload Sample Photos

Save time and hassle of sorting through sample photos, uploading them to your laptop and emailing your vendors. Directly upload photos of samples you receive with the 'WFX Click' mobile app.

Vendor Approval Collaboration

Vendors can directly enter fashion sample information required for approval. Your vendors will also receive an automatic instant notification once you have evaluated a sample thus speeding up the sample turnaround time.


Centralize Sample Conversations

Have conversations with vendors on our robust in-built messaging system and minimise the confusion of information on emails.


Analyze approval hit rates, sample lead times, and generate vendor scorecard.

Simplify samples and approvals

Make samples an easy task. Eliminate the pain of spreadsheets and emails to request samples and coordinate with vendors. Save time and get fashion samples right the first time.

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