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Centralize all product development processes on one cloud platform to improve communication, boost speed-to-market & simplify vendor collaboration with WFX Fashion PLM. Book A Demo PLM Buyer Guide

One Cloud PLM System from Design to Production


  • Visualize your collections. Filter by season, style, color, and so on.
  • Plan the right products at the right price points for the right season.
  • Compose the perfect product mix to hit your targets and maximize profit margins.


  • Create better designs by enabling design and merchandising teams to collaborate more easily.
  • Curate and maintain a searchable library of ideas, inspirations, and references to make the design process more efficient.
  • Integrate your favorite design development tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Clo3D, Browzwear and more!
  • Build and share digital tech packs using customizable templates and measurement sheets.


  • Streamline product development processes to get your ideas to market faster.
  • Bring your design, development, merchandising, and pricing teams on one platform to centralize your fashion value chain.
  • Digitize sampling and approval processes to save time and launch high quality products at the right price.


  • Reduce communication barriers and facilitate faster deals with vendors through the Vendor Portal.
  • Build transparency and traceability across your supply chain to ensure regulatory compliance and strengthen relationships.
  • Work together on one PLM Fashion Software to get more done, more quickly, with less effort.

We Help You Rise Above Your Competitors

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    Become A Market Leader

    Achieving market leadership requires more than just great products. It demands outpacing the competition at each stage. Make better decisions, increase productivity, speed-to-market and decrease costs with a modern Fashion PLM.


    Drive Sustainability

    Digitize apparel operations and approvals with Apparel PLM Software to get your samples right the first time. Run quality audits with ease, eliminate waste from your supply chain and source from certified vendors. Earn customer loyalty while protecting the planet.


    Turbocharge Design

    Create better designs and free up your creative team from mundane, time-consuming tasks with our 100% Cloud PLM Software for Apparel. Eliminate multiple systems and communication silos so the creative process is efficient and collaborative.

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    Control Product Quality

    Final inspections can be tedious, but PLM Software for Fashion makes this process hassle free! Our fashion software allows you to digitally manage inspections from any location, via mobile and iPad apps at any time.


    Make Informed Decisions

    Get the end-to-end integrated data you need from Fashion PLM system to make better businesses decisions. Use real-time data to analyze vendor performance, product success, delivery timelines and more.


    Increase Transparency

    Be confident that your products will arrive on time by boosting transparency and traceability across all your processes. Get real-time visibility of your supply chain map, manage production, and talk directly with vendors via WFX PLM for Fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PLM for fashion is software that allows the product lifecycle management of fashion goods such as apparel, beauty, cosmetics, footwear, accessories etc. PLM Fashion helps fashion brands manage and streamline all processes in the fashion supply chain—such as line planning, design management, product development, sampling, and so on—all the way from design to end-of-life disposal.

The fashion product life cycle describes the journey of a fashion product from concept to discontinuation. It starts at the design phase, where trends are analyzed, and concepts are developed. Next, in the development stage, prototypes are created, and materials are selected.
The production phase follows, involving manufacturing and quality checks. After production, the product enters the market launch stage, where it is distributed and promoted. Finally, the decline phase occurs as demand decreases and the item is phased out, often replaced by newer styles.

PLM in the fashion industry streamlines the fashion creation process, enabling collaboration across global and/or local teams. It boosts efficiency by managing design, production, and distribution phases on a single platform, reducing time-to-market and costs. PLM also supports sustainability by improving material traceability and waste management.

Fashion PLM software is beneficial across various levels of the fashion industry. Designers can optimize their creative processes and material management, manufacturers gain efficiency in production planning, and retailers benefit from streamlined inventory and distribution control. What's more, brand managers use PLM to ensure consistency in design language across collections, enhancing brand integrity and market reputation.

When hunting for the best apparel PLM software, prioritize features like cloud-based access, real-time collaboration, robust material and inventory management, flexible design and product development capabilities, time & action tracking and open API integration with other systems. Additionally, ensure the software supports sustainability management and is scalable to adapt to your company's growth.

PLM technologies come in all shapes and sizes, so the implementation process begins with defining your specific needs and scope. Next, select a PLM solution tailored to the fashion industry, and plan a phased rollout that includes training for staff. Integration with existing systems is crucial, as is continuous evaluation and adaptation to ensure the PLM meets evolving business requirements.

WFX PLM stands out as the best PLM software for fashion by being specifically tailored for the fashion industry. WFX offers a 100% cloud-based platform for real-time global collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with popular design tools, ERP systems and sales platforms, supporting comprehensive management of all activities. Its modern, user-friendly interface and scalability make it ideal for both boutique brands and large enterprises.