A Single Cloud Platform From Design To Production


  • Visualize your collections.
  • Plan the right products at the right price points.
  • Achieve the perfect product mix to hit your targets and maximize profits.


  • Create better designs by enabling design team collaboration.
  • Get your team to curate new design concepts and design products faster and smarter.
  • Integrate design tools.


  • Accelerate your product development process.
  • Connect design, development and merchandising teams.
  • Digitize sampling and get the right physical products on-time at the right price.


  • Boost collaboration and cut lead times by connecting your vendors online.
  • Build transparency across your supply chain to reduce costs and improve compliance.
  • Get everyone working together, faster, better.

We Help You Thrive In This Competitive World

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    Stay Ahead Of Competition

    Propel your brand to stay ahead of your competition with Apparel PLM Software. Make better decisions, increase productivity, speed-to-market and decrease costs.


    Drive Sustainability

    Digitize your operations and get samples correct the first-time using Fashion PLM Software. Eliminate waste and ensure you source from ethical vendors and run audits with ease. Get rewarded by your customers and help protect the planet.


    Turbocharge Design

    Using PLM Software for Apparel create better designs and free up your creative team from mundane, time-consuming tasks . Eliminate working on different systems so teams focus on what matters most.

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    Control Product Quality

    PLM Software for Apparel boosts product quality by digitizing final inspections. Manage inspections easily, quickly and efficiently from any location.


    Make Informed Decisions

    Use data from WFX PLM to make informed decisions. Analyze performance and make better choices about the products you make and who your source from.


    Increase Transparency

    Get products delivered on-time by increasing transparency and accountability with Fashion PLM Software. Gain real-time visibility of all your products, manage production and connect your vendors.

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Manage Your Product Development In One Place,
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Frequently Asked Questions

PLM in the fashion industry is a software solution that helps manage the entire lifecycle of fashion products, from design to disposal. It enables brands to create and approve samples quickly and efficiently, while tracking all changes in real-time. This helps businesses keep up with the fast-paced nature of the industry and stay competitive.

PLM helps streamline design and product development processes, manage sample approvals, prevent overproduction, waste, and other costly errors, ultimately increasing efficiency and profitability. It enables fashion businesses to collaborate with global vendors, reduce time-to-market, improve product quality and customer satisfaction.   

Fashion PLM can benefit fashion brands, manufacturers, designers, and sourcing companies. It is designed to meet the unique challenges of the fashion industry by tracking all the functions that go into designing and producing fashion products, from sourcing materials to managing supply chains.

When choosing a Fashion PLM system, look for features such as user-friendly interface, customizability, cloud-based access, collaboration tools, critical path management, and integration with other systems. It should be flexible and adaptable to suit the industry-specific needs of your fashion business  

To implement a Fashion PLM system, businesses should first assess their needs and select a system that fits their requirements. They should then train their team and integrate the system into their existing processes. It is crucial to ensure that all stakeholders are onboard and committed to using the system.    

WFX PLM software stands out from other PLM software in the market due to its industry-specific, user-friendly, flexible, scalable and comprehensive, cloud-based, integrated solution. WFX PLM helps fashion brands design, plan, develop and collaborate with global vendors, ensuring that every aspect of the product lifecycle is streamlined and managed effectively.