Boost Design Team Collaboration

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Centralize And Build An Artwork Library

Build a visual database of all your artwork (print, embroidery etc.) in WFX Artwork Gallery Software so you can centralize and share it across your design team. Create Tags (e.g. lace, polka dot) for each fashion art so it can be searched and indexed.

Store Large Artwork Files

In WFX Fashion Artwork Software manage files of all sizes. Intricate artwork files can be 100s of Megabytes making them difficult to maintain, store and share. Use expandable storage to store even your largest artwork files.


Use Artwork Across Products

Save duplication and manual effort by linking an artwork file with all the products that use it. Pick any artwork across your library and use the “where used” function, to view all products it's used in.

Manage Artwork Versions

Take control of artwork revisions using Artwork Gallery Software. Ensure everyone works off the latest version and revert to an old version if needed. Automatically push artwork changes to products and leave no room for errors.

Share Artwork with Vendors

Share original artwork files with vendors securely, regardless of their size. Your vendors receive a link to download the artwork files along with the product tech pack, keeping everything in one place.

Manage all artwork, without worrying about file size

Let your Fashion Artwork files be as big as your dreams. Cross-reference artwork across products and share them with vendors with ease.

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