Unleash Your Design Team's Creativity To Create The Best Designs, Together

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Capture Inspirations And Design Ideas

With WFX Design Inspiration Feature capture design ideas, styles, prints, embroidery, and other images. Store and tag inspiration designs on the cloud and build a centralized design library. Search design attributes to find designs that match what you are looking for (eg. images with lace).

Easily Upload Design Images

Use the "WFX Click" mobile app to capture inspiring fashion design images you see around you or pull images from Pinterest and other websites directly to your inspiration library.


Improve Designs With Team Collaboration

Share ideas and concepts with your design and product teams using WFX Design Inspiration Feature. Get feedback, like and vote up designs and the creativity of your entire design team.

Accelerate Concept To Product

Use the design library to build mood boards and trend boards for your new collection. Build new products from the designs and concepts you like, so you can always reference the original design inspiration.

Capture inspiration anywhere, anytime through WFX

Bolster creativity and never lose a design idea. Use WFX Click app to capture design inspirations from anywhere and collaborate with your design team.

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