Boost Costing Accuracy And Product Margins

A simple costing dashboard so your team gets a 360-degree view of all product related costs and margins. Simplify the complex costing process so anyone can cost products accurately. Book A Demo


Customizable Costing

Stay in control of your costs with customizable Apparel Costing Feature. Get visibility of costs and pricing across different channels, markets, and currencies. Setup customized costing templates by product, colorways, and size scale. Integrate costs with the bill of materials and view the costs as a full package or broken down by categories.


Flexible Views

Limit user access by creating views per department such as design, buying or management etc. and get a clear picture of the costs per department. In WFX Fashion Costing Module you can create dynamic views of costs and margins by vendor, category, channel or date.

Anastasia Karaman Production Manager, Elk

Our experience with WFX has been nothing short of fantastic, and their personnel is exceedingly accommodating. WFX has been our PLM, and I'm confident it would be an excellent pick for any fashion company.

Quick Costing Decisions

Make fast yet informed decisions on Garment Costing. Analyze costs and margins by vendor, country of origin, shipping methods, quantities etc. Changing one or multiple cost components reflects automatically on the margins calculated and the products that do not meet minimum margin requirements are automatically highlighted in WFX PLM Fashion Costing Feature.


Collaborate, Communicate And Finalize

Manage all cost-related conversations, both internal and external, in one place. Enable vendor collaboration by allowing vendors to submit their costs online and managers to review, approve or disapprove through the Fashion Costing Feature.

Simplify product costing

Eliminate expensive mistakes of managing garment costing on spreadsheets. Use simple costing dashboards to gain control of margins, component prices and total costs.

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