Bridge The Gap Between Design And Production

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The Ultimate Tool To Create Visually Appealing Fashion Tech Pack

Using Tech Pack Software display accurate details of your design and stay on top of all updates by having clear communication.


An Accurate Visual Of Your Technical Drawing

Describe the construction of the product in Fashion Tech Pack Software and enable manufacturers to visualize the technicalities of your design. Add details of your design; top-stitching, pockets, construction details, and darts, and limit the scope of error.


One Stop Solution For Your Bill Of Materials

Easily list all components on your Tech Pack such as; fabrics, care labels, buttons, zippers, hangers, packaging materials, and much more. Also, specify their quantity, size, price, color pitching and supplier information.

Matt Keays General Manager – Global I.T at Forever New

WFX was initially implemented for PLM, but it quickly evolved into PLM with Purchase Order management to facilitate worldwide market buying.

Create And Share All Care Instructions From One Place

Specify the correct care label instructions required for your product, along with their translations in different languages. Create the care label directly within your Apparel Tech Pack and store them all in one place.

Care Instructions

Measurements And Spec Sheets

Save time by listing the required information in one place. Record points of measurements such as; pocket width, total length, hip circumference, etc. Minimize errors by using auto-grading and specifying appropriate measurements along with their tolerance value in your Apparel Tech Pack Software.

Collaborative Comments And Feedback

Eliminate the chaos of comments on emails, chats, and calls. With Tech Pack give your team a platform for real-time communication, both internally and with manufacturers. Store all comments and feedback shared by the product development team in one place.


3D Images And Assets

Enhance the effectiveness of your 3D designs and make it easier for your manufacturers to visualize. Showcase realistic 3D images directly in the Tech Pack by integrating a design software. Include all native files for 3d assets so that they are centralized and can be shared with vendors.

Version Control

Keep your designs current and carryover versions with version control. This gives you the power to store and manage all versions of your designs in one place. Tech Pack Software will help to put an end to infinite sheets of different versions created over the years.


Tech Pack Audit Trails

Easily view changes made in your Apparel Tech Pack and notify your team in real-time. Track all changes through the automated-log display which records the user and the time of changes.

Decrease the steps with WFX PLM

Drop the old ineffective excels and make the process of using Tech Pack Software enjoyable. Keep a clear communication and faster the process of product development.

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