Boost Product Quality And Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensure complete and accurate paperless final inspections so quality of your shipment is ensured before it arrives. Book A Demo

Set Quality Levels

Set quality levels in the Inspection Module and evaluation points for your products that suppliers have to meet. Make that the basis for the evaluation along with the product specifications for Final Product Quality Inspection.

Mobile Inspections

Allocate inspections to your field quality control team. Push inspection requests directly to quality controllers tablets. QCs can use off-line tablets to capture inspection results on-site at factories even in areas of low internet connectivity.


Take Photos Of Defects

Use the tablet's in-built camera to take Garment Inspection photos, notes and capture defects to pass or fail inspections, saving time and increasing accuracy and clarity of inspections.

Speed Up Inspections

Use digital signatures and electronic inspection reports to save QCs the time and effort of manually generating Garment Final Inspection reports and emailing them.


Inspection Analytics & Transparency

Build valuable insight into performance and defects to improve vendor production processes. Create transparency of the quality of goods before they are shipped by the garment manufacturer.

Ensure product quality

Conduct fast, mobile, paperless inspections with accuracy and ensure only the best finished products make it to market.

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