Promote Your Company's Ethical, Social And Environmental Values.

Ensure your vendors are compliant with your organization's values and brand image, and manage compliance across your entire supply chain including tier 2 suppliers. Book A Demo

Build Compliance Standards

Using Vendor Compliance Software define the compliance criteria that fits your fashion brand image and values. Set the basis for your compliance checks and standards that your supply chain should follow. Share compliance standards across your supply chain.

Manage Audits

Create a schedule for inspectors to manage apparel factory audits digitally. Using Vendor Compliance Management Software Inspectors can capture their observations and results to identify compliance gaps so your vendors can resolve compliance issues quickly.


Create Tier 2 And Tier 3 Supplier Visibility

With Vendor Management Software build a digital footprint of your vendor's vendors. Create visibility downstream across multiple levels of your supply chain to ensure compliance practices are followed throughout your entire vendor base.

Review Performance

Review vendor compliance metrics across your supply chain broken down by region, country, product type etc. Manage Vendor Compliance reporting and blacklist non-compliant partners.

Build an ethical and sustainable business ecosystem with WFX

Implement a cohesive system of compliance standards, audits and performance reviews to give your socially conscious customers the transparency and peace of mind they deserve.

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