A Visual, Centralized Library Of Everything You Make

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A visual, centralized library of everything you make

Product Collections

Create a visual Apparel Product Library for all your collections and have your teams working off the same page. Manage core, new and seasonal carryover products with ease. Digitize and speed up line reviews without the hassle of spreadsheets.


Material Library

Create a visual Material Library for all your materials, components and trims. Maintain supplier trim and fabric catalogs and search all your materials from one place.

Julia Moldwan Director of Product - OAK+FORT

WFX streamlined our processes and made us more organized. The humdrums were automated and it took our efficiency to a whole new level.

Visual And Data Views

WFX Product and Material Library displays collections visually or as data grids. Create different views per role so users only see information they need. View collections at multiple levels; product, product color, product SKU and product drop, and export data to spreadsheets with a single click.


Mass Update

Mass update attributes across multiple products in one go, so you don't need to manually update one at a time. Bulk create products with spreadsheet uploads.

Collection Analytics

Analyze collection progress and monitor collection updates from one place. Centralize all collection conversations with WFX Product and Material Library feature and get a real-time view of your collections' products and option mix.


Line Sheet

Save hours with simple and instant line sheet creation. Customize line sheets across departments, categories, sub-categories and filter by different attributes.

A centralized database for every button, fabric, trim…

Maintain one version of the truth and centralize all your Apparel Product and Material Libraries.

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