Vendor Collaboration Made Simple

WFX's comprehensive vendor portal streamlines communication with your vendors and partners. Ensures you and your vendors are working off accurate, up-to-date information reducing expensive errors and cutting lead times. Book A Demo

Simplify Communication

Emailing vendors all product information, tech packs, costing, orders and production data, is time consuming and causes errors. Simplify work for your team and vendors by centralizing all communication so you don't have to search through emails to track changes in a product's design or find the status of an order.

Reduce Costs

Moving back and forth from different platforms takes time and causes errors that increase cost. Manage all vendor transactions from WFX Vendor Portal (products, costs, negotiation, changes, orders, shipments) and cut down the noise and time it takes to get work done.

Cut Lead Times

Ensure that your vendors receive instant notifications of any new product tech packs, costing requests, approvals, samples, orders or product iterations you send. This means your vendors can prioritize what's important and respond to requests earlier shaving days off the process.

Improve Supplier Relations

The health of your relationship with your suppliers is core to getting the right quality products delivered to you, and hence your customers on-time. By streamlining you work on WFX Vendor Portal, you simplify work for their teams and strengthen the partnership.

Communicate with clarity

More designs and products don't have to mean more data entry, more emails, and more confusion. Improve collaboration and get on the same page as your vendors with WFX Vendor portal.

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