Get Your Shipping Team In The Driver's Seat

WFX gives you and your team a complete visibility over your shipments. Always be on top of your shipments and make sure it’s never late. Book A Demo

Track Vendor Shipments With Ease

Simplify logistics by having your logistics team, agent or vendor enter final product quantities of purchase orders that are ready to ship along with vessel details.

Manage Packing Lists

Send information directly to your warehouse, or for 'direct to store' deliveries, create standardized packing lists with quantity breakdowns by carton.


Automate Vendor Invoices

Save the time and effort of your shipping and finance teams by automatically creating standardized vendor invoices for shipped orders.

Vendor Shipment Collaboration

Centralize reconciliation and invoicing by using the WFX Vendor Portal to enable your vendors to submit shipment data, ASNs and upload invoices online.

Approve Shipments

Instantly approve shipments created by your vendors. Automate an “OK TO SHIP” document informing the vendor that goods can be shipped.

Synchronize Shipment Data With Buy Plan

Save follow ups and redundant tasks by having actual shipped quantities link back to your Buy Plan so buying teams can see exactly what's arriving and when.

Drive visibility of shipments

In a fast-paced industry like fashion getting products at the right place, at the right time is critical to survival. WFX Shipment Tracking Software gives you transparency and control so that your shipments are never late.

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