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Request Product Quotations

Request product quotes for your clothing line from one or multiple vendors in a few clicks. Include quantities, delivery dates and other terms. Get a full package or open costing including materials, trims and other costs.

Receive Vendor Responses

With WFX RFQ Software all your vendors receive an instant notification and access to the Techpack. They can submit quotes, enter comments and other terms including offering alternatives, right from one place.

Nick Goodfellow Product Development Director - OKA

WFX has enhanced the quality of the product by organizing our development process and making coordination simple and thorough with our partner factories half way across the world.

Compare Quotes

Get all vendor quotations in one place in WFX RFQ Software and make smart purchase decisions by comparing multiple quotes side by side.


Keep all your communication in one place and negotiate the best possible terms and prices. Equip yourself with the power to negotiate better with garment manufacturers.

Get the lowest prices.

Get product quotations from multiple vendors with just a few clicks. Visually compare prices and terms to make the best purchase decisions and lower product costs.

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