Simplify Merchandise Buys And Maximize ROI

Plan product quantities based on multiple attributes and adjust your merchandise mix to hit the maximum margins for your collection. Book A Demo

Product Quantities

Manage quantities for each product, color option and drop. Within WFX Buying Planning Software split quantities by market (eg. USA, Europe), sales channel (E-com, Wholesale, Retail). Automatically break quantities using size curves.

Impact Analysis

View impact of Buy Pan across total sales, costs, and margins. See how margins are impacted by your various sales channels and product categories. Adjust quantities to get the perfect merchandise mix.


Single Click POs

Take away the pain of manually creating purchase orders one by one. Create POs for all your products across your collection in a single click directly from your merchandise plan.

Synchronize Purchase Orders With Buy Plan

Easily manage quantity revisions even after POs have been sent to vendors. Ensure that your purchase orders are in sync with any changes you may make to the buy quantities.

Boost your buying plan to the next level

Evaluate the impact of various elements on margins and engineer a plan that will yield the maximum ROI. Click and execute plan for the whole collection in one go.

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