WFX at MAGIC: Leveraging PLM for efficient fashion product development

Are you tired of spending hours combing through product data while developing your products?

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Is it frustrating to manage the entire product life cycle without any centralized visibility? Do you want to free up more time for creative tasks by minimizing manual data entry?Β Β 

Look no further than WFX! As an industry leader with over a decade of experience digitally transforming fashion and consumer product businesses, we understand all the many challenges that businesses face in the fashion industry. We are proud to showcase our innovative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions at this year’s Sourcing at MAGIC from 7-9 August at booth #60522 in Las Vegas.

Streamlining Product Development with Centralized VisibilityΒ 

One of the key advantages of using WFX’s PLM solutions is that it provides centralized visibility across the entire product lifecycle. We understand the importance of having a 360Β° view of your products from the initial design phase to production and beyond. With WFX, you can expect better collaboration and decision-making because everyone involved in the process has access to the necessary information.Β 

Scaling Product Development for Efficient ExpansionΒ 

WFX’s PLM solutions enable businesses to achieve a 50% increase in the design-to-production ratio. This means that you can scale your product development efforts efficiently. With WFX, you can confidently handle increased volumes of product development without sacrificing quality or speed.Β Β 

Cole Mancini, VP – Product Development & Sourcing, Simply Noelle, notes the critical role WFX has played in expanding their business: β€œWFX helped us improve the scale of how many products we were working on, increasing our style development by 300% in the same lead time, which was critical in growing our business.”  

Saving Time and Reducing CostsΒ 

Time is a valuable resource in the fashion industry, and WFX understands that. With our PLM solutions, businesses can save valuable time by spending 75% less time searching for information and 60%-80% less time on data entry. This efficiency boost allows your teams to focus on more value-added tasks, leading to improved productivity and overall business performance. By utilizing our solutions, businesses can also minimize costs by reducing sample shipments by 25%-50%. This results in significant cost savings and better sustainability practices.Β 

Satisfying User ExperienceΒ 

WFX’s PLM solutions are purpose-built for business users, with an industry-leading design expertise. Our software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for your teams to navigate and utilize its features. With a modern UI/UX, WFX ensures that even users without technical backgrounds can easily adopt and leverage the power of our PLM solutions.Β 

Speed to Market: Faster Than EverΒ 

In the fast-paced fashion industry, speed to market can make or break a business. With WFX, businesses can enjoy a 35% faster time to market while also achieving a 3x-5x increase in development volume. This means that you can bring your products to market quicker than ever before, giving you a competitive edge and greater market share.Β Β 

Lekshmi Sudha, Senior Manager, IT Business Systems, Quay, commends WFX’s PLM solution: β€œWFX PLM helped us refine some of our own processes and streamline the product lifecycle and go-to-market strategy by reducing the back and forth with our suppliers.”  

Enhancing Sustainability through Quality ImprovementΒ 

WFX’s PLM solutions also contribute to enhancing sustainability by reducing material waste by 40%-50%. By optimizing your sourcing and production methods, you can minimize waste and improve sustainability efforts. By aligning with sustainable practices, your business can attract environmentally conscious consumers while also reducing costs.Β 

Data Analytics for Smarter Decision-MakingΒ 

Leveraging the power of data analytics is crucial for making smarter business decisions. With WFX’s PLM solutions, you can use data analytics from your own operations to gain valuable insights into your business. By analyzing this data, you can identify trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. Armed with this knowledge, you can make data-driven decisions that optimize pricing, resource allocation, and overall profitability.Β 

Connect with WFX at Sourcing at MAGICΒ 


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about WFX’s PLM solutions and revolutionize your fashion business! We will be present at the Sourcing at MAGIC event from 7 to 9 August.Β Β 

Book a meeting with us in advance to connect with our team, learn more about our solutions, and discover how we can streamline your product development process efficiently. Β 


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About the author

Vishakha Somani

Vishakha Somani

Vishakha Somani is a Fashion Tech Analyst and Communications expert at WFX - World Fashion Exchange. She is a Fashion graduate from Polimi Italy, and has been actively reporting on the fashion industry since 2016. She's an expert in analyzing trends, market shifts and new technologies. Her work spans forecasting and research on the global luxury and retail supply chain, emerging markets, and the circular economy.

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