Song Hong increases Sample hit rate by 20% using WFX

Challenges they faced

Song Hong was facing serious issues with their supply chain because of the manual systems they were using to track production. The process provided little visibility as to how their products moved throughout the supply chain. They were losing track of samples developed for each buyer and had no way to measure their performance against key competitors.

WFX has truly streamlined the entire production workflow at Song Hong. The features that have impressed me the most are: open-ended integrations (I love being able to access everything I need from a single platform), analytics and auto-generated reports (They help me spot trends in my data and track what's going on with each project in real-time), and reusability of information for future orders and executions (I can learn from past hiccups and predict bottlenecks before they arise).

Mr. Bui Viet Quang CEO

Impact after implementing WFX

  • Song Hong was able to keep track of every sample (including its iterations) developed for each buyer using WFX's Sample Feedbacks and Approvals tool and improve their sample hit rate.
  • Song Hong was able to convert critical business information into actionable decisions. WFX PLM collects and analyses data from every stage of the fashion lifecycle and presents it in the form of easy-to-understand customizable visual dashboards and business intelligence reports.
  • The productivity output of Song Hong increased by 4% after just 9 months of implementing WFX PLM.
  • Song Hong was able to manage each stage of production, track product lines and client information which gave them the much need visibility into their processes.

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  • 98%

    Reduction in Data Redundancy

  • 20%

    Increase in Productivity

  • 60%

    Increase in Sample Hit Rate

About the Company

With 20 factories that can produce 14 million items per month and a turnover of $200 million, Song Hong is one of the leading manufacturers of garments, bedding and home textiles in Vietnam.

They have a global team of 11,000 employees and work with world-renowned brands like Nike, Levi's, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, DKYN, Gap, Karl Lagerfeld and more. Their customer base stretches from Europe, USA, Canada, all the way to Japan with offices in Korea.

Download the detailed document of this story