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Design Inspiration
Assortment Planning
Adobe Connector
Sampling & Approvals
Product & Material Library
Central Techpacks
Costing & Pricing
Vendor Collaboration
Quality Control
Time & Action
Design Inspiration
Centralize All Design Inspiration

Boost collaboration and inspire creativity by sharing design ideas, centralizing resources, and accelerating concept to product development.

  • Easily upload images with WFX Click mobile app
  • Capture & store design ideas on one fashion software
  • Search your design library for new & old images
  • Get feedback, like and vote up on design ideas
  • Compile all your artwork into a visual database
  • Streamline mood and trend board creation
  • Link artworks to all the products that use it
Design Inspiration
Adobe Connector
Save Time with Adobe Connector

Save Time with Adobe Connector

  • Drag & drop Adobe Illustrator files to PLM
  • Extract text directly from Adobe AI files
  • Securely share original artwork files with suppliers
  • Use expandable storage to store your largest files
  • Increase focus on design and creativity
Adobe Connector
Plan Perfect Fashion Assortments

Enhance product development and market entry with strategic planning, real-time progress monitoring, and streamlined purchase orders.

  • Align design, merchandising, and sourcing
  • Establish clear merchandise goals
  • Customize planning with specified attributes
  • Track collection development in real-time
  • Assess financial performance impacts
  • Streamline purchase order process
  • Keep POs aligned with Buy Plan
Assortment Planning
Product Materia Library
Build A Centralized Creative Library

Simplify teamwork and organization with a centralized library for products, materials, and collections, streamlining collaboration and efficiency.

  • Create a visual product library for all collections
  • Maintain supplier trim and fabric catalogs
  • Display collections visually or as data grids
  • Customize views per role and export data
  • Update attributes and bulk create products
  • Analyze collection progress and monitor updates
  • Assign views by role so users see only what they need
Product & Material Library
Central Techpacks
Create Tech Packs In A Few Clicks

Simplify teamwork and organization with a centralized library for products, materials, and collections, streamlining collaboration and efficiency.

  • Design accurate and visually appealing Tech Packs
  • Outline technical construction & components clearly
  • List care label instructions in multiple languages
  • Record measurements & use auto-grading
  • Facilitate real-time communication & feedback
  • Showcase 3D images & assets for better visualization
  • Manage versions & track changes with audit trail
Centra Techpacks
Costing Pricing
Optimize Costing & Product Margins

Customize, analyze and compare costs across channels and markets with custom templates and flexible views. Make fast decisions and collaborate with vendors for accurate product margins.

  • Get Excel-style grid costing for all cost types
  • Manage wholesale and retail margin visibility
  • Use customizable costing templates and views
  • Analyze costs/margins by vendor, origin or quantities
  • Set custom formulas & highlight low margin products
  • Keep all cost-related vendors convos in one place
  • Request & compare quotations from multiple vendors
Costing & Pricing
Sampling Approvals
Give Sample Feedback & Manage Approvals

Improve sample management, feedback, and collaboration with vendors to reduce errors and shorten lead times.

  • Request and track all types of product samples online
  • Approve, reject, or give feedback with annotations
  • Use WFX Click app to upload and share sample photos
  • Collaborate with vendors on a centralized system
  • Analyze approval rates & generate vendor scorecards
  • Set auto alerts to keep sample timelines on track
Sampling & Approvals
Vendor Collaboration
Streamline Vendor Collaboration

Centralize vendor communication and transactions on Vendor Portal, reducing errors, costs, and lead times while improving supplier relations and compliance management.

  • Improve vendor management with centralized comms
  • Manage all vendor transactions from a single platform
  • Send instant alerts to speed up response times
  • Build compliance standards & manage audits digitally
  • Create visibility across multiple levels of supply chain
  • Review compliance metrics by region/country/product
Vendor Collaboration
Quality Control
Paperless Inspections for Quality Control

Centralize vendor communication and transactions on Vendor Portal, reducing errors, costs, and lead times while improving supplier relations and compliance management.

  • Set quality standards & levels for evaluation
  • Use QC app to capture defects & conduct inspections
  • Allocate inspections to field quality control team
  • Speed up inspections with digital signatures & reports
  • Gain insights into performance & improve production
  • Get transparency of product quality before shipment
Quality Control
Time Action
Monitor Production Status with Time & Action Calendars

Keep track of project progress, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources efficiently with an all-in-one task tracking system.

  • Get a visual board to see product status
  • Identify bottlenecks and assess delivery impacts
  • One screen to track all late activities
  • Use in-built notes and commenting
  • Track user workload and task execution
  • Catch delays early and improve coordination
  • Allocate resources effectively with workload tracking
Time & Action

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With 20+ years of industry experience, WFX has empowered 600+ fashion businesses (across 50+ countries) to leverage modern technology with ease.

We have a dedicated Fashion Tech support and implementation team in the US, backed by a large R&D center in India.

We can help you:

  • Centralize techpacks, sampling, approvals & more
  • Get total visibility of all processes on one platform
  • Minimize the time needed to develop new products
  • Enable direct, real-time collaboration with vendors
  • Improve efficiency & scale product development
  • Leverage data analytics for smart decision making
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is widely used by brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers across different industries to streamline product design, development, and production. PLM systems help different teams collaborate more seamlessly and keep track of product information throughout the product’s life cycle.

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A PLM system tailored for the apparel industry uniquely addresses its specific complexities. It efficiently manages the vast variety of materials, sizes, colors, and styles inherent to the sector. It streamlines design-to-production workflows, adapts rapidly to trends, and ensures compliance with diverse global standards—all crucial for a trend-driven sector like apparel.

PLM software for the apparel industry brings together all aspects of product design, development, and production into a centralized platform. It helps teams collaborate on concepts, materials, and technical specifications, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the supply chain.

PLM offers various benefits for the apparel industry, including improved team collaboration, shorter time-to-market, better supplier relationships, smarter pricing, and increased overall efficiency. PLMs ensure uniformity in design, development, and production while reducing errors and optimizing processes to help businesses remain competitive.

PLM focuses on managing the entire product life cycle, from concept to consumer, while ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manages manufacturing-related operations like finance, supply chain, and inventory. PLM deals with product design, development, and production, whereas ERP handles the management of resources, data, and processes in factories.

Effective use of a PLM system requires configuration of the right solution followed by training in those specific functionalities. It involves understanding the modules, and how to best utilize them for your business functions. WFX's expertise, particularly in working with diverse fashion businesses, ensures tailored training, aligning with your company's unique needs and processes—which is vital for seamless adaptation and maximization of PLM benefits.

No, PDM and PLM are not the same. PDM (Product Data Management) systems primarily focus on managing product data, whereas PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions typically encompass the entire product lifecycle from conception to end-of-life.

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