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Navigate Emerging Regulations with Confidence

Manage & Market Your Sustainability Efforts

As the fashion industry braces for a new era of regulations, with rising traceability requirements, WFX positions your business at the forefront of compliance and innovation.

  • Certificates, Documents and Audits
    • Store and maintain a variety of memberships and scope certificates, from environmental impact to quality management systems.
    • Manage your certificates and those of your vendors.
    • Manage Audits and corrective actions.
    • Track certificate validities and get timely alerts on expiries.
    Certificates, Documents and Audits
  • Map your Supply Chain
    • Map your entire supply chain from manufacturers, processors down to raw material suppliers.
    • Map processes and locations to each vendor.
    • Visualize your entire supply chain and their relationships.
    Map your Supply Chain
  • Product & Material Traceability
    • Implement a robust framework to gather sustainability and traceability data across multiple supply chain tiers. Each tier contributes specific information, creating a comprehensive data chain from product vendors to raw material suppliers.
    • Automate the collection of sustainability data and certificates from your vendors across all products, orders and shipments.
    • Validate and accept vendor proofs.
    Product & Material Traceability
  • Sustainability Reporting
    • Automatically generate the reports you need to report on sustainability performance.
    • Tailor reports for specific stakeholder needs.
    • Use custom dashboards to visualize sustainability parameters.
    Sustainability Reporting

Upcoming Seminar: Mastering Sustainability & Traceability in Fashion

Join sustainability expert Evelyn Gibson for an enlightening discussion as she delves into the intricacies of supply chain tracing for the fashion industry.


Date : 14th June 2024


Time : 10:00 – 11:00 am


Location : Global Sourcing Expo, International Convention Centre, Sydney


Our guide discusses the key sustainability legislations for fashion, their requirements, and how companies can get their systems ready for the new regulatory landscape.

A Guide to Sustainability Legislations for Fashion Businesses

Unlock insights with our comprehensive whitepaper covering all active and upcoming regulations for the fashion industry. Choose the region you want to learn more about and download the free guide!


Our guide discusses the key sustainability legislations for fashion, their requirements, and how companies can get their systems ready for the new regulatory landscape.

Benefits for Brands

Effortless Compliance

Navigate the complexities of sustainable due diligence effortlessly with WFX. Our automated toolset simplifies monitoring your supply chain, ensuring compliance with evolving social and environmental regulations. Stay ahead in over 20 countries, including the EU, with our proactive compliance solutions.

Dynamic Data Collection & Supplier Engagement

Harness the power of real-time data collection and automated certificate management with WFX. Enhance team productivity and supplier collaboration, turning data into actionable insights. Our platform reduces the manual effort required for traceability reporting.

Advanced Risk Management in Supply Chains

Utilize our supply chain map to connect from your Tier-1 to downstream suppliers. WFX helps you proactively manage risks, safeguarding your brand reputation by ensuring compliance across your entire supply chain, aligning with your CSR standards.

Benefits for Manufacturers

Streamlined Data Sharing & Client Communication

Transform your data sharing and client communication with WFX. Use the platform to manage supply chain compliance and due diligence. Share this information seamlessly with buyers and market this capability.

Centralized Certification Management

Effortlessly manage your certifications and audits using WFX. Simplify the complex process of keeping track of vital documents, ensuring you're always compliant. With WFX, you're always audit-ready, projecting confidence and reliability in your compliance practices.

Scalability & Flexibility

Whether you're expanding your operations or adjusting to market demands, our platform supports your journey towards becoming a sustainable supplier. This scalability ensures you can meet the evolving needs of your clients without sacrificing efficiency or compliance.


Insights & Updates

Explore the latest intelligence on sustainable fashion from the WFX team!


What is sustainable fashion? How can fashion brands become more sustainable

Get to the bottom of what sustainability means and why is it important in the context of the fashion industry. Read about the top sustainable fashion trends, how they're shaping this sector and more.

Author By Vishakha Somani

Frequently Asked Questions

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You should use our fashion sustainability software if you need a centralized platform to store, manage and share all your scope certificates, audits, and their validities with your partners. You should also use WFX if you want to map your entire supply chain from raw material procurement and processing to manufacturing and beyond. Lastly, use our sustainability solution if you want end-to-end traceability of your product data across every tier of your supply chain.

Digital Product Passports are digital records of all key information about a product's composition, origin, and lifecycle. WFX’s end-to-end integrated product lifecycle management solution allows you to store and extract all the information required for DPPs through simple APIs. This means you can get all the data you need for a DPP in one place.

Yes, our customers enjoy both standard and custom-designed integrations with their existing tools, utilizing WFX open APIs to ensure smooth workflows and efficient data interoperability for complete sustainability tracking.

WFX offers comprehensive management of various sustainability certificates, enabling seamless integration for organizations and their supply chains. These certificates span multiple categories, including memberships and certifications from entities such as the Fair Wear Foundation, Better Cotton, Cotton Made in Africa, Cradle to Cradle, and the Leather Working Group. Scope certificates are also managed, encompassing standards like the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and the Responsible Wool/Mohair/Alpaca/Down Standard. Additionally, WFX supports environmental impact certificates, including BEPI Self Assessments, Sedex 4 Pillar Audit, and ISO 14001, alongside social audit certificates such as the BSCI, and quality management system certificates like ISO9001 and ISO/FSSC2200. This extensive range gives you the flexibility to include any specific certification you need for your operations.

To ensure complete data security and privacy, we do not store any user data. This approach ensures that sensitive information is not retained on the platform, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or breaches, and giving our customers peace of mind regarding their privacy and data protection.

Yes, our solutions are designed to be flexibly accommodate the expected changes in global sustainability standards. The solutions are developed by industry experts, and we actively collaborate with sustainability professionals and customers to continuously evolve our products. This ensures that our solutions remain both effective and user-friendly.